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Family Newsletter for February 2018

Living & Learning the Cougar Way

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision: Walking together on a journey to excellence!


The mission of High Country Elementary is to inspire each child to grow academically and emotionally into lifelong learners through supportive collaboration in a positive environment.

Core Values: What kind of prints do your PAWS make?

Positive Attitude

Act Responsibly

Work Toward Success

Show Respect

High Country Student Mission and Chant!

At High Country we want our students to know and live our mission, just like our families and staff do. In order to make this happen, we have designed a kid friendly mission statement and a chant that represent our focus and values as a campus. We will say our mission statement each day on the announcements and close with our High Country chant.

Student Friendly Mission Statement:

As High Country Cougars, we will reach our goals by being respectful and responsible, working together, and challenging ourselves to grow every day.

Mission Chant:

We're High Country Cougars

And we're ready to grow!

With respect and team work

We'll reach our goals!

Important Dates


  • 2/1 PTA Trivia Night and General PTA Meeting 6:00-7:30
  • 2/2 Groundhog Day!
  • 2/5 100th Day of School! Dress like 100 of something! (examples 100 bows on your shirt, the number 100, etc.)
  • 2/6 Progress Reports go home today
  • 2/9 District Spelling Bee
  • 2/12 Third and Fourth Grade Math Benchmark Testing
  • 2/13 Third and Fourth Grade Reading Benchmark Testing
  • 2/14 Valentine's Day Parties 1:45-2:30
  • 2/15 Fifth Grade Science Benchmark Testing
  • 2/22 Family Reading and Writing Night
  • 2/22-3/2 Spring Book Fair
  • 2/23 Hoops for Heart
  • 2/27 Progress Reports go home today
  • 2/28 Spring Pictures

  • Check back frequently as calendar is subject to change
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We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

Wear your HCE Gear or College Colors on designated days to show your school spirit!

2/2 Cougar Spirit Day! Wear your HCE Shirt or wear blue and green!

2/5 100th Day of School! Dress like you are 100 years old!

2/6 Progress Report Day/College Colors Day: Wear your college gear or colors!

2/9 Cougar Spirit Day! Wear your HCE Shirt or wear blue and green!

2/14 Valentine's Day: Wear RED or PINK

2/16 Cougar Spirit Day! Wear your HCE Shirt or wear blue and green!

2/23 Cougar Spirit Day! Wear your HCE Shirt or wear blue and green!

2/27 Progress Report Day/College Colors Day: Wear your college gear or colors!

Valentine's Day Party Fast Pass!

Valentine's Day Parties will be held Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 from 1:45-2:30! We will have a lot of visitors that day. It is important that all visitors sign in at the office.

In order to speed up this process, you may be eligible to get a Fast Pass! If you have signed in before this year, you have the option to follow the link below and complete the form to have your pass printed ahead of time.

If you have a Fast Pass, you will go to the cafeteria and show your ID to pick up your badge and you’re ready to go!

If you don’t have a Fast Pass you will need to wait in line to have your license scanned in the office.

Click here to go to the Fast Pass Form for Valentine's Day.



General visitors, parents, and others are welcome to visit district schools. For the safety of those within the school and to avoid disruption of instructional time, all visitors must first report to the main office and must comply with all applicable district policies and procedures. When arriving on campus, all parents and other visitors should be prepared to show a state issued driver’s license or form of identification. Prearranged visits to individual classrooms during instructional time are permitted only with approval of the principal and teacher and only so long as their duration or frequency does not interfere with the delivery of instruction or disrupt the normal school environment. Even if the visit is approved prior to the visitor’s arrival, the individual must check in at the main office first. All visitors are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of courtesy and conduct; disruptive behavior will not be permitted.

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We appreciate so much the efforts of parent and grandparent volunteers that are willing to serve our district and students. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the main office at your child’s school for more information and to complete an application online at emsisd.com.

In addition, if you are visiting or volunteering in a High Country classroom, we ask that you refrain from bringing non-school age children with you. We also appreciate you not accessing your cell phone during this time. If you need to use your phone, please step out into the hallway.

When visiting for lunch or on party days, please remember that children enrolled on other campuses within the district are not permitted to be at High Country during regular school hours.

To complete a background check please click below!

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“Paws Up for Reading” Scholastic Book Fair

You can shop our Online or School Fair- both will help support our school!

Online Fair- February 16th- March 1


School Fair- February 22nd- March 2nd

Shopping Times:

Thursday, February 22nd- 6:00-7:00 pm (Literacy Night)

Friday, February 23rd- 7:45-8:30 am; 2:50-3:30 pm

Monday, February 26th- 7:45 am- 4:00 pm

Tuesday, February 27th- 7:45 am- 2:40 pm (not open after school)

Wednesday, February 28th- 7:45 am- 4:00 pm

Thursday, March 1st- 7:45 am- 4:00 pm

Friday, March 2nd- 7:45 am- 2:00pm

Counselor's Corner with Mrs. Hess

Mrs. Hess, our school counselor, gives monthly guidance lessons to all students based on our schoolwide monthly character trait.

January Character Trait is Respect.

We discussed how important it is to be respectful when communicating with others, especially if there is a conflict.

Grades K-2:

We read the book "A Bug and a Wish"

The students practiced saying a "Bug and a Wish statement" when there was something bothering them. For example, "It bugs me when you won't let me play with you, and I wish that you would invite me to play with you. "

Grades 3-5:

We talked about how to show respect with our actions:

R - Remain calm

E - Encourage others

S - Stay positive

P - Politeness

E - Embrace differences

C- Consider the consequences

T - Think before you speak

Practice using "I Statements" to be assertive and voice your concerns.

'I Statement" example:

"I feel sad when you leave me out because it hurts my feelings."

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Social Thinking

9 Tips for Talking to Parents About Their Child’s Social Challenges Michelle Garcia Winner

Character traits for the rest of the year are:

February - Caring

March - Encouragment

April - Perserverance

May - Optimism

Please check out the Counselor's Corner on the HCE website for additional information or resources.

If you ever have any questions, please contact Robin Hess, the counselor, @ rhess@ems-isd.net

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