Period 2


Jamestown Settlement

- First successful English settlement on the mainland of North America.

- Harsh conditions almost destroyed colony.

- Became part of a Joint stock company.

The Natives and the English - Crash Course US History #3

Roger Williams

- English Puritan Theologian

- Believed in religious freedom and separation of the church and State.

- Expelled by Puritan leaders because his religious ideas were dangerous.

- Began colony of Providence Plantation, provided refuge for religious minorities.

King Phillips War

- Battle between Colonist and Indians.

- The Mass. government tried to take over Indian land.

-The colonist won with the help of the Mohawks.

- This opened more land for expansion.

Navigation Acts

- Restricted use of foreign ships.

- Colonies could only trade between other colonies and Great Britain.

- This increased England's wealth.

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John Coode's Rebellion

- Led rebellion that overthrew Maryland's Colonial government in 1689.

- Coode led his army of 700 men to an attack on the State House.

- After Maryland's surrender, Coode outlawed Catholicism and Anglicanism

-Protestants took over the colony.

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Migration and Settlement- Jamestown was the first successful English settlement on the mainland of North America. The charter was granted by the Virginia Company of London. Jamestown was named in honor of King James I of England.

America in the world- England placed the Navigation Acts on the colony, forcing them to only be able to trade with England and other colonies. This act not only increased England's wealth, but it also restricted use or interactions with foreign ships.