Warwick Staff Meeting

Tuesday March 22nd, 2016


  • Chrissy Constable
  • Ross Taylor
  • Elizabeth Gover
  • Ricoardo Quintanilla
  • Nadia Elgendy
  • Casi Lide

Live Flowers, Dead Flowers


  • -Office of Residence Life Updates
- Bulletin Boards are due this Sunday
- Making Meaning Week is next week! Help your residents to make meaning of their college experience. Do active or passive programs for your hall and incorporate this into your bulletin boards. LAST chance to do something fun before focusing on closing stuff. Suggestions on Curriculum Trackers for Making Meaning Week
- CSA Training moved to Saturday April 2nd at 2 PM in Luter 347 with Captain Austin
- RSVP FOR THE RHA Residence Life Leadership Banquet! Also vote for awards for building! Check Spam folder if you can't find it
- If your residents have problems with housing (like the system in general, not technology problems) send them to me or Arlyn from RHA to discuss productive ways they can have their voices be heard
- Be mindful of who you are sending to Housing. They have had an OVERLOAD of students coming in and they are just getting devoured.
  • Send me a list of programs and other activities you've done with your hall from January 31st - March 20th, as well as any personal accomplishments (awards, elected into E-Board positions, etc!)
  • Continue to think about goals for next year and things you need/want out of a supervisor and on a team with your new RAs! We will be discussing these things in our eval meetings.
  • Continue signing up for the staff appreciation google doc. If you remember your time, note that, if not sign up for a new time! I'm ok with more than two RAs doing the activity if need be.
  • Tell your residents to submit work orders ASAP if they have anything broken or not working in their room. Fox wants to start working on them now so there's less work when everyone is moved out
  • 2nd floor RAs that have windows that have the roof right underneath: double check that your residents have screens. Apparently some of them don't and the students are going out on the roof. So check on that ASAP.
  • Trends in your Hall?
  • Things you need from the HD?

Warwick Inside Scoop

  • Tips from the insiders of Warwick!
  • What are examples of specific things that only happen in Warwick? Building quirks, things you have to do as an RA in Warwick that you won't have to do in other buildings.
  • Advice?
  • Questions from the mentees to the current Warwick Staff!

Staff Appreciation Activity with Chris M. and Emily


  • EVERYONE COME OUT TO GAMMA PHI BETA'S BEST DANCE CREW THIS FRIDAY MARCH 25th Tickets are being sold this week in the DSU for $3 and at the door on Friday for $5!! Help us support our wonderful philanthropy while also attending a super fun event!
  • still capture the flag. any hall is welcome


  • Kudos to Wesley for telling me he wants to get to know me better and than following through and being my dinner buddy!!
  • Kudos to Birk, you have changed my opinion on you so much and you have been nothing but kind and thoughtful to me since then! You really are working hard, and it's not going unnoticed
  • Kudos to SRA, I know we have our differences but you are an extremely hard work
  • Kudos to Krys for just being so genuinely happy all the time!!!!
  • Kudos to Shawna for having such a cute bulletin board, I love looking at it on my hall walks because it is so good.
  • Kudos to Gracie for lunch this week, you always put a smile on my face!
  • Kudos to Krys and I for killing it in genetics, as always ( winky face emoji)
  • Kudos to Wes for making duty nights fun and smiley :)
  • Kudos to Blake for being such a sweet friend to me.
  • Kudos to Wes just because I miss you.
  • Kudos to E for being my girl even if we don't hang out as much as I would like to.
  • Kudos to Addie for being the most beautiful person inside and out.
  • Kudos to Anna for looking great after her date at BJ's...he cute too...I see you girl ;)
  • Thank you Gracie and Chris for hanging out with me at my pizza party!
  • Kirsten you are the realest.
  • Kudos to Emily for looking so pretty to your date function..even if you only went for a little bit!
  • Kudos to Chris M for looking sharp (sorry there was no chocolate fountain)
  • Kudos to Krystalee you just rock my socks
  • Kudos to Blake, for being the best duty partner, love you so much!!!!
  • Kudos to Birk, you are so kind!
  • Kudos to Wesley for singing with me at Jamals, YOU ROCK
  • kudos to Addie for being the best breakfast date
  • Kudos to Emily for always checking up on me. You make my day because it's nice knowing someone cares.
  • Kudos to Shawna for always being such a light and good friend.
  • Kudos to Chris B. for not over reacting to his board/residents and taking the high road.
  • Kudos to the staff for being so much more positive towards one another, it really has been apparent. You guys are all so awesome!
  • Kudos to Shawna for keeping an open heart and showing strength and good character.
  • Kudos to Mercendetti who will live in a cubby under the desk and I will bring him milk.
  • Kudos for Krystalee for throwing that pizza social.
  • s/o to Chris for being a beautiful ballerina
  • kudos to Kirsten for taking me to starbucks <3 Wesley, thanks for getting dinner with me and waiting in line for quesadillas. And chatting about... stuff lol
  • s/o to Laura for totally taking CHARGE with the power outage last night. You totally ENERGIZED us to do WATT we needed to get done!
  • Kudos to everyone for handling the power outage so well!
  • Thanks Em for being the bomb.com Kudos to Gracie for being so great!! We're all proud of you, and everything you do is gonna turn out great!!
  • Laura, you're doing such a great job, thank you for being so positive!!