HSA Katy Wednesday Mail

March 27th, 2019

Get your yearbook today!

The 2018-2019 school yearbook is now on sale! Order yours today to remember all the great memories from the school year! To order online, please send check (driver's license number included) or money order to the front office for $35.00.

Student Banking Day - April 2nd

Our student banking day for the month of April will be Tuesday, April 2nd from 10:30-11:30 am. Please have your student bring their money in an enclosed envelope, labeled with their name.

HSA Katy has partnered up with Advancial Credit Union to help students learn the importance of saving for the future. Students can create an account online with the help of an adult and then deposit money into it. Advancial representatives will be on campus once a month for deposit days. Students can bring their money to school and have their money deposited that day. Simple as that! If you're interested in creating an account, click here.

Autism Awareness Day - April 2nd

World Autism Awareness Day is an internationally recognized day on the 2nd of April every year to raise awareness about people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Please join us in bringing awareness by wearing a blue shirt and jeans next Tuesday, April 2. If you would like more information about Autism Spectrum Disorders, please visit Autismspeaks.org or reach out to Ms. Tremblay.

STAAR Spirit Week

In preparation of taking the STAAR test, students will be able to partake in a spirit week. Below are the spirit days. Let's rock the STAAR!
Big picture

Save the date!

Please make your calendar for the upcoming dates.

April 9th - STAAR

April 10th - STAAR

April 19th - No School