Mrs. Shorter's Showcase

A Weekly Skills Agenda for the week of February 8-12, 2016

This Week in Review

We are having lots of fun learning about our solar system. We are pondering the question "How can we protect ourselves and our world from the effects of the sun?" This week we focused on the earth and the sun. Ask your child to tell you the two main things that cover our world. (water and land) See if your child can tell you how many oceans and continents we have. You might be surprised to hear them name them all for you! How does the sun help our world? Let your young astronomers answer these questions for you.

Important Dates and Reminders/Homework

Important Dates and Reminders:

Feb. 5-Friday Freeze

Feb. 15-Schools Closed


Review all sight words

Review number recognition 1-20

Listen for and make rhyming words

Count to 100 by 10s and 1s

Practice listening for and saying all sounds in words (ex. Shoe=sh-oo; Cat=c-a-t)

Read from reading folder, poetry folder, and Ziploc bag of books

Complete homework sheets in agenda

*Use Raz-kids and Ticket to Read daily

Our Week in Pictures

Teaching This Week...

No New Skills Will Be Introduced: Report Card Assessments

Language Arts/Writing:

Standards #s: RLK 1-10; RIK 1-10; RFK 1a-d, RFK2d2, 3a-d; WK 2-3, 7-8; SLK 1a-b, 2-6; LK 1a-f, 2a-d, 4a, 5a-d, 6

I can:


Read and use sight words in my writing

Name the five vowels, hear them in words, and use them in writing

Phonemic Awareness:

Hear all sounds in words

Hear and make rhyming words

Concepts of Print:

Read what I write

Read from left to right (directionality)

Draw pictures to match the words


Write a nonfiction story

Use punctuation marks correctly

Use spaces between words

Use capital and lowercase letters correctly

I Can:


Standards #s: KCC 1,3, 4a-c, 5-7; KOA 2, 3; KMD2-3; KG 1-4

Counting and Cardinality:

Find hidden partners in numbers 6-8

Make number bonds with numbers 6-8

Identify numbers 10-19

Count aloud to 100 by 10s and 1s


Weather-The Sun's Effects on Earth/Can we lessen those effects?


Valentine's Party

We will have a special snack to celebrate Valentine's Day on Feb. 12. We'll make this snack during our regular snack time. Please send $3.00 by Friday, February 5. We will also give out Valentine's cards. Please have your child sign 18 cards. We will not write classmates' names on the cards. You are welcome to send any other treats you'd like us to put in the bags. You may send these to school beginning Friday, Feb. 5.