Playground Sketch

Rayshi Ferredd

Define The Problem

Trying to build a playground with swings, slides, climbing walls, ladder, play walls and other stuff that kids will enjoy


Kids like to play on swings and slides, Tashi and I liked swings when we were kids, play sets have swings, monkey bars, etc.

Develop Possible Solutions

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Choose The Best Solution

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Create A Prototype

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Test and Evaluate

The things that work for our design is the slide,swings,pole,tower.

The things that doesn't work is probably the monkey bars.

Yes the playset is safe.


We would sell it to a company by doing a commercial or creating a video of us advertising our design and upload it to the internet.

Positives: It has swings and other fun things.

Negatives: Were not so sure if the monkey bars are fixed probably.


Some changes we would make is a little more safety, add another slide, try to make sure the monkey bars are fixed probably and add more color.