Math Support @DHS

Struggling with your math class? Free help is available.

Math Center

Every day, during every lunch period, a certified math teacher is on duty in the Math Center, ready to help any student who needs some extra help. Students are expected to come prepared with specific questions they're stuck on. Please click this link for more information about how to prepare and what to expect in Math Center.

Your regular math teacher can provide you with a pass to the Math Center for your lunch period, or if you have a study hall during periods 5-8. Or, if you realize you need some help last minute, speak with one of the teachers on duty in the cafeteria, and they will give you a pass and have you sign out. Once you arrive, be sure to sign in on the Math Center sign in sheet!

NHS Tutoring

National Honor Society students are available in the library from 2:15-3:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting in late September. This free, drop-in tutoring is available to any student who would like some help. No appointment is necessary. Be sure to arrive in the library by 2:35 at the latest!

Online Resources

Mr. Tarrou's Chalk Talk You Tube Channel

This one is highly recommended! Mr. Tarrou is a math teacher who has recorded short video lessons on math topics from Algebra I through Calculus and Statistics. Click on "playlists" to see videos organized by course, and find the topic you need help with. Also great for reviewing before tests & quizzes!

Math Help, For Real, People

This blog by Kayla Wolfe, a math teacher, includes video tutorials on many Algebra I topics. Use the Blog Archive Menu on the right side of the screen to view titles of previous posts to find a topic you need.

Khan Academy

Log in with your Delran Google log in. Under Subjects, and Math by Subject, you can click on your course to find video lessons and practice problems for a variety of skills.

Guides to Math Apps by Level:

The Tech Edvocate: 15 Best Apps for Elementary Students

The Tech Edvocate: 7 Best Apps for Middle School Students

The Tech Edvocate: 11 Best Apps for High School Students

Print Resources for Parents

Washington Post article about how adult attitudes about math affect our kids: "Stop telling kids you're bad at math. You're spreading math anxiety like a virus."

School Family article - High School Math: How Parents Can Help Build Skills

NY Times article - "5 Ways To Help Your Kid Not Stink At Math"

Book - Help Your Kids With Math - this DK book is a one-stop resource for parents. It contains brief, clear explanations and illustrations of basic mathematical concepts from numbers through basic algebra and geometry.

Extra Help @School

The DHS Math teachers want to see our students succeed. Many of our teachers meet with students for extra help either before or after school, and seasonally depending on coaching or extracurricular advising commitments. If you are struggling, speak with your teacher! He or she can often make the best recommendations to help you get help!

Private Tutoring

If you'd prefer private tutoring, you can contact your guidance counselor or Mrs. Hutchinson (math supervisor) for a recommendation. Some of our teachers tutor privately, and we can put you in contact with someone who is currently taking on new students. The cost of private tutoring would be the responsibility of the student's family.

Don't struggle alone! Get support in your math class today!

Mrs. Hutchinson

K-12 Supervisor of Mathematics, Business, K-5 Computers, Robotics and Co-coordinator of STEM Programming

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