Middle School IEP Transition Info.

Fall 2016

Michigan Guidelines

The Transition IEP should begin no later than the first IEP to be in effect when the student is 14 and updated ANNUALLY afterward. If a student is 13 and will be turning 14 within that school year/annual IEP, the IEP must be transition-focused and include specific information (Kelli Pierscinski is our SC Transition Coordinator)..

All 7th and 8th grade special education students take the STAT-R (in the Fall of each school year). Any 6th grade student that is 13 and will be 14 within the duration of that school year must also take the STAT-R assessment.

Transition Planning...

Begins at age 13 by considering a course of study (Diploma or Certificate of Completion). Transition Planning becomes more in-depth when the student will be turning 14 during the duration of the IEP being developed, and throughout High School.

• Focuses on preparation for life after completion of public school eligibility.

• Is addressed annually as a part of the Individualized Education Program. (IEP)

• Is individualized.

• Involves a variety of school staff that may include: the teacher(s), counselor, transition coordinator, and administrator.

• Supports access and progress in the general education curriculum.

• Considers and support the student’s post-secondary vision and post-secondary goals.

• Considers the student’s goals and needs in the area of employment, community participation, further education, and as need adult living skills.

• Is coordinated by the school and may include community partners and resources as appropriate.

SCMS Educational Development Plan (EDP) Completion

1. Seventh grade students begin developing their EDP (Health class). (Matchmaker, Learning Styles, and three personal goals --by January).

2. Eighth grade students spend an extensive amount of time completing their EDP (Social Studies classes). Information in the EDP is also used to complete the transition section of the IEP for special education students.

To access a student's EDP information, you must have login access (Penny Adams):

  • www.careercruising.com
  • Log in and click on "Search for Students". Type in the student's first and last name.
  • "View/Action"- select "View EDP"
  • "Learning Styles" information can be used as a strength in the IEP.
  • The student's Career Pathway is also found in the EDP.

7th Grade IEPs (when a student is not turning 14 during the duration of the IEP being written/school year)

If a 7th grade student does not attend the IEP meeting, the following paragraph has been previously used in Section 3 (Transition) of the IEP :

"In the fall of 7th grade students begin creating their online Educational Development Plan (EDP) which is ongoing process that allows him/her to state an initial career goal and desired work and educational experiences, and a plan of action to achieve it. The student does this by using Career Cruising as their online tool. They complete a 20 question learning styles inventory and a 39 question career matchmaker which includes exploration of the careers recommended to each student. In December, students create three short term goals that will be entered into their EDP. In May, students take part in the Career Fair where they listen to three speakers talk about their careers. This too is added to the students EDP. The purpose of the EDP is to provide the student with a periodically updated and ongoing record of career planning that will guide him/her in taking effective steps to enter a career of his/her choice."

  • Current practice at SCMS is for 8th grade students to attend the IEP meeting.
  • 7th and 8th graders are invited to their IEP meetings. It would be nice at some point to begin to have 7th graders attend IEP meetings, and to have them begin to develop a portfolio to be shared at their IEP meeting.
  • In PLAAFP B where you report the student's current assessment scores, the STAT-R scores should be included in the IEP (if it has been taken that school year). If the student will be turning 14 during the duration of the IEP being written, and the STAT-R has not yet been administered to the whole group of 7th and 8th graders, it should be administered individually to that student. A general statement about the strengths and weaknesses displayed in their STAT-R scores can be included in PLAAFP A (bottom box-- most recent evaluations).

8th Grade IEPs (and students turning 14 within the current IEP)