Room 1219 Newsletter

November 2012

As I look back on this first trimester, I am amazed at the progress your children have made so far. Because they are such diligent workers, I have been able to teach many concepts. We have discussed many stories, and they have written numerous essays. And, we are just about to complete our third math unit.

There is more work ahead, and so much I want to cover in this next trimester. I look forward to your children learning more and creating more projects. Please ask your child about their computer projects. They can even show you at home!

Please look below for what's coming up next.

Curriculum Update

Language Arts: We are just finished our study of a story called Nadia the Willful by Sue Alexander. We discussed themes for this story. We will continue to practice spelling and vocabulary with tests on alternate weeks starting after the Thanksgiving break. The children just finished writing a persuasive essay about lengthening the school day. Ask your child to share their opinions with you. We will write a narrative essay next week. I am looking forward to reading stories written by this creative group.
Mathematics: Unit 3 is about variables, formulas, and graphs. We had a quiz last week. Our unit test will be soon. The next math unit starts with a review of fractions. The concept is similar to fifth grade fractions. However, the practice for fractions is more advanced than fifth grade. If your child struggled with fractions last year, please help support them at home, and please remind them to ask for help at school. This unit also includes decimal and percent conversions.
Science: Sixth grade science is all about Earth Science. We have been studying about Earth's Land and Water, land biomes, water ecosystems and California ecosystems. We will hasd a quiz about land biomes next week. We will create a project about land biomes and, at the same time, continue our study of water ecosystems.
Social Studies: Sixth Grade history is all about ancient civilizations. Ask your child what civilization they are learning about their history class with Mrs. Barnes.

Dates to Remember

November 21-22 No School
November 29 Report Cards go home
November 30 Minimum Day
December 3-7 Holiday Toy and Book Drive
December 6 Barnes & Noble Book Fair
December 19 Field Trip to California Science Center
December 20 Spelling Bee
December 21 Flag Ceremony
December 24-Jan 4 Winter Break