Play Ball!

Today's Game Now at Highland

Varsity Baseball v. AFC

Due to field conditions in AFC, today's game has been moved to Highland. Varsity Baseball will play AFC at Highland at 4:30. Let's go DAWGS!

Many thanks to everyone who has worked very hard to get and keep the fields ready in these 'less than desirable' conditions.

*Special Note: Due to the wet ground, the porta-potties have not been delivered to HCC Fields yet. If you go to the game--and need to use bathroom facilities--you will need to walk to the YMCA or a Highland campus building. Sorry for any inconvenience!

This Week in Baseball

This is the current schedule, but keep your pencils handy!

(home games at HCC)
  • M . 3/11 v. Pearl City--CNCLD (will not be played)
  • TU . 3/12 at Dakota--PPD to 4.15

  • W . 3/13 v. Le-Win--CNCLD (will not be played)

  • TH . 3/14 v. Dakota--PPD to 4.17

  • TU . 3/19 . Varsity v. AFC--PPD (make-up date coming)

  • W . 3/20 . Varsity v. River Ridge--PPD from 3.18

  • TH . 3/21 . Varsity v. AFC, FS PPD (due to low numbers because of Spring Break)

All games are updated on the Aquin Web Calendar which you can access by clicking here!