Teaching and Learning Network

John Ferneley College: April 2013

CPD Update....

Thanks to all of you for taking part in the mid-way evaluation meetings during March. It was great to come and sit in on some and see how everyone is getting on and to see how else we can support you to meet your targets.

One of the main items discussed was the evidence that needs collating to show you are meeting your targets, or in the mid-way case, on track to meet them. Remember, it is your responsibility to show this to your line manager. Don't worry if you have not collected that much for a particular target- there is still a whole term left to provide evidence.

So far, CPD sessions have ensured that well over 70% of teaching staff have received training to aid your teaching target. To ensure all of you receive training towards your targets, the CPD calendar for this term is as follows:

  • Monday 15th April: Teaching and Learning Speed Dating (2 minutes to share ideas!)
  • Monday 13th May: Increasing Strategies for Differentiation
  • Monday 10th June: CPD Workshops (three twenty minute workshops, topics TBC)
  • Monday 1st July: Staff Sport Social (just for fun!)

I will meet with those of you who have more specific training needs individually at the start of term for further support towards completion of your teaching target.

Remember, if you need any further support please come and find me/ email me!

Assessment For Learning CPD Session: Snap Shots

Many thanks to RV, DC, AP, HMR, AH and KA for leading this fantastic CPD session.

JFC's Teaching and Learning Network Needs YOU!

Good news! John Ferneley now has it's very own half-termly Teaching and Learning Network update! Here's the big idea: When YOU get a big idea, try it and if it works, share it. Simple! It could be a new innovative learning idea you read about and tried, it might be a behaviour management technique that worked or a strategy you wish you try out and need some collaboration from other JFC teachers.

This update will be released at the start of each half term. If you wish to contribute to the next update, please email lumbleja@johnferneley.org.uk with your content by Friday 24th May.

Focus: Raising Boy's Achievement in MFL

As part of the MFL team's mission to raise standards and progress, they have started to look at an exciting and different way of teaching boys.

As part of her performance management, Jo Wagstaff has been researching and trialling different ways to teach boys in order to promote rapid progress and has been pleased with her findings so far. "We have been looking at not only splitting boys and girls, but also teaching them in completely different ways" said Jo.

The idea was that two groups were set up and taught the same things in different ways. The girl's group were taught using an approach that they were used to, but in an all female environment and using more 'girl friendly' examples to express their language skills. At the same time, the boy's group were taught using increased level of competition using this as a basis to increase pace and engagement.

"The boys were totally engaged in the lesson and enjoyed it thoroughly"commented Jo. "We tested all students at the end of the lesson and the results showed that both groups made outstanding progress, but I am continuing to investigate the benefits of boy friendly activities and my next move is to have another mixed group taught in a traditional way in order to make the findings even more explicit."

Thanks to Jo and the rest of the MFL team and we look forward to hearing more about the findings of this project.

Are you Flippin' mad?

JFC are currently looking for staff who are interested in trying out a learning idea currently trending around the globe called Flipped Learning, which is a great way to differentiate as well as set meaningful homework. Take a moment to watch the video clip (link below) and if you are interested in taking part in the trial, please let me know.


Resource of the Month

Some of you may be aware of Teacher Toolkit creator Ross Morrison McGill. He has created a great "5 minute lesson plan" that is Ofsted 2012 friendly and is the perfect resource to have in your planner this term.

Please go to the link below and have a look. It will take you to the TES resources page where you will find the resource so you will need to create a login if you do not have one already. There is a video to explain how to use it as well as a downloadable plan.

Enjoy! Feedback on the resource would be appreciated!