Corwins too Greedy

Salem witch trials

George Corwin was a sheriff in Essex county, Massachusetts.He was married twice. First to Susan Gedney, second to Lydia Gedney.George Corwin was a captain in the mad expedition of sir William ships in 1690 and was awarded by his work by the governor. When he was 26 may 7th 1692 he became sheriff.

George falsely accused people so he could take their stuff.Even though it was said he was either supposed to let the other people in the house keep it or the king got most of it.It was said that sometimes even when people just went out of town he took her stuff for no reason at all.The sheriff also was the one who hung the “Witches “ or took them to jail.

More about george

April 12th, 1696 George died in his own home from a heart attack when he was only 30 years old. 4 years later his second wife Lydia died on December 23, 1700.It was also reported that when he died they only gave 60 pounds of sterling back to the people when it was worth 4,000 pounds. Even though the court absolved George for blame for false accusations just so he could get there stuff he never got in trouble.

George never got punished for his bad deeds.He was important because he was the one who hung people and took them to jail.When they hung people the would stand them on a latter , put a rope around their neck and kick the latter out from underneath them .It is also said that George Corwin was buried underneath the basement of Josha ward a wealthy sea captain .