Career Prep B Options

For Rising Freshmen

Option 1 - Preferred Option

Take Career Prep B the sophomore year. This semester long class will be paired with Health/Driver's Education - a new hybrid class that covers the required Health curriculum and the Driver's Education curriculum in the same semester. This option will allow students to complete all three classes using only 1 of the 7 periods in their schedule.

Option 2 - Summer School Option

Take Career Prep B during summer school prior to the freshman or sophomore year. Cost is $180. Class is online and facilitated by an HTHS instructor. This option has limited enrollment and requires that students be self-motivated and have access to Internet and technology at home.

Summer school applications will be available in the HTHS Counselor's Office and on the HTHS website after spring break. Payment is due at the time the application is submitted. Once the class is full, no further applications will be taken.

Important Considerations

Students who do not choose Option 1 should strongly consider a combination of zero and summer school classes for Career Prep B, Health and Driver's Education since these three classes are all scheduled to be taken together during the sophomore year. All three classes are offered during summer school and zero period so there are a variety of time combinations for completing these three courses. It is important to note that students cannot take summer school driver's education unless they have their learner's permit and will turn 16 during the summer or soon thereafter.