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Horse Stall Mats

Horse Stall Mats are a great investment while they save large sums of money on bedding costs throughout the years .These horse stall mats are the top quality and even offer the best value . Most of our mats are environmentally friendly since they are made of prime quality recycled rubber.

By installing rubber horse stall mats you might utilize all about half of the bedding you usually would certainly use. The rubber horse mats produce cushioning and detain in the heat. Urine would pool at the top of the mat and be absorbed by the bedding. They're too much easier on your horse’s hooves as well as legs.

Horse Blankets

A horse blanket or rug is a blanket or animal's coat designed for preserving a horse and also other equine warm or else secure and safe from air or a few other elements. These are styled to fit around a horse's body from chest to rump, with the straps crossing underneath the belly to secure and safe the blanket but permitting the horse to travel readily. Most have a few straps that buckle at the front, though a few designs have a closed front and thus must be slipped over a horse's head. Several designs always have small straps that loop gently around the horse's hind legs to stop the blanket from sliding sideways.

Round Pen Panels

Designed especially for the equine market, Hi-Hog’s round pen panels suggest the appropriate balance of portability and durability. Each the panel and even gates are 6’ high; the height recommended by expert trainers .Designed with 60, 000 psi high tensile 1 .5” metallic tubing for exceptional strength (all tubing is 16 gab. with the exception for the gate frame which is certainly 12 gab. ) .

1. Coned verticals guard horses from distinctive edges & mud legs prevent sinking.

2. Coped vertical stays produce superior strength without any distinctive edges.

3. Come standard with our most effective plunger latch and striker plate.

4. Panels include top rail extensions to eradicate the unsafe leg traps over some other round pen panels.

5. Gusseted frame for outstanding strength.

6. Universal connectors ensure that you get the choice to combine any Hi-Hog panel style without needing adapters.

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