"Paws"itive Points

Issue 20 - January 18, 2016

Love Each Other, Learn Together, Lead the Way

Tavia's Thoughts

During our district administration meeting Wednesday the topic of a "Mock Non Traditional Snow Day" was on the agenda. You all know me...I zoned and went into planning mode. I was so excited thinking about the possibilites of fun and engaging learning that we could plan for our students... with or without use of a technology. We had some discussion and talked about some ideas, but I really wanted you all to think out of the box and think of how this would look for our students. The email went out and boy did you all respond. I can't wait to share all of the ideas that came back to me. When I tell you related arts teachers went there....yep they did! If I have not heard back from your team, please make sure I have your ideas by the end of the day Tuesday. It looks like my love for the beautiful, white, fluffy stuff is in the forecast this week. This is telling me we need to get our practice in soon. We'll talk more about this later this week. Old Man Winter hasn't spoken just yet.

We'll continue to love each other, learn together, and lead the way.

Remind 101

Painted Stone is on Remind 101. If you have not signed up for our announcements please do so. It is a very quick way for us to get needed infomation to the entire group in a timely manner. If you need help with this see Emily.

SBDM Money

The deadline for spending SBDM money is quickly approaching. Please have all your classroom money spent by Feb. 1st. See Theena for assistance!

Living Well Promise!

If you elected a LivingWell health plan for 2016,
don’t forget to take your Vitality Check or
online Health Assessment by May 1.

1. Get started
You’ll need your HumanaVitality ID card.

You will find your HumanaVitality Member ID number on this ID card. Use this when you get your Vitality Check, or if you have forgotten your password when you take your online Health Assessment.

2. Take your pick or do both:

Get a Vitality Check (biometric screening).

The biometric screening consists of a finger prick to measure your cholesterol and blood glucose, a blood pressure check, and height, weight, and waist circumference measurements. The screening is provided at no cost to you* and is offered at a number of convenient locations. Find locations here. Fast for at least nine hours prior to your appointment, and bring your HumanaVitality ID card and a photo ID.

Take your online Health Assessment.
Visit LivingWell.ky.gov. Click "HumanaVitality Login" to log in. Hover over "Get Healthy," click "Health Assessment" and answer the questions to receive your Vitality Age.

(Or complete your Health Assessment on the HumanaVitality mobile app.)

3. Proof of completion

Log in to HumanaVitality, hover over “Get Healthy,” click “Achievement Dashboard.” Your Health Assessment should appear on the Achievement Dashboard within 24 hours. Vitality Checks may take 4-6 weeks to appear following your screening date. Click “Download as PDF” to save a document that can serve as verification.

If you have your Vitality Check done at your primary care physician, you must submit proof to HumanaVitality.

Visit LivingWell.ky.gov for all your wellness benefits.

Questions? Visit community.humanavitality.com or call 855-478-1623.

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January 18

  • No School -MLK Holiday

January 19

  • Program Review Committee Meeting
  • SBDM @ 4

January 21

  • Data Teams

January 22

  • Lockdown Drill
  • Career Day
  • Mid Year Program Review Check

January 26

  • Pawfessional Leraning w/ Bindu

January 27

  • Staff Potluck

January 28

  • I Team
  • 100th Day of School

January 29

  • PSE Pride Day
  • PTO's D4$ @ Arby's

Extra Duties


Front Hallway Mrs. Hymer

Bus (AM & PM) Mrs. Campanell, Mr. Anderson

Breakfast Ms. Spry, Ms. Tipton, Ms. Burroughs

Gym Ms. Bland, Mrs. Vermillion

Car Rider (AM) Mrs. Acklin, Mrs. Duvall, Mrs. Tinsley, Mrs. Hodges, and 3-4 Leaders from Mrs. Dickenson's Class

Car Rider (PM) Mrs. Acklin, Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Akin, Ms. Kennedy, Mrs. Dickenson


At Team PSE...we are Pursuing Standards of Excellence. At Team PSE we collaboratively teach students to love, learn, and lead....TEAM PSE.

Emily ' s Enthusiastic Information

This past week Jackie and I had an amazing meeting with an eager group of adults ready to serve some of our students. Earlier in the year, a few of us had tossed around the word mentor. A luncheon with a church in town opened this door for us. Christ Community Church in Shelbyville will be partnering with us to provide 12 mentors for grades 3-5. Three of our West Middle students are currently serving two first grade students and one second grade student every morning. So proud of their willingness. I also know Karen has a few mentors that come in for some students as well. At the meeting this past Thursday, Jackie and I were introduced to four members ready and willing to reach out to our students. Mentoring.org has some statistics about how students that have mentors are more successful in many aspects of their young lives. Check it out. We are currently working another organization to see if we can get even more mentors to serve our students. It takes a team; TEAM PSE and we can make this happen. If you're a 3rd-5th grade teacher, please send me the name of your student that may need a mentor. Consider many things prior to selecting the student. For some things to consider, look at the email I sent out last week.

Hymer's Hype

Guidance will start back this week on Tuesday. We will be focusing on Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. It is important to apply this habit daily and integrate it into everything we are doing. When students struggle to understand someone else's opinion or see their side, encourage your them to put themselves in others “shoes”, think about the possibilities in a situation, give them real life examples and experiences. “So how do we help...? We teach them simple steps…the best thing we can do is to provide them with valuable resources and create ‘teachable moments’ to help them identify and avoid the pitfalls…” Help them not become roadblocks to their own understanding.

WE, too, can apply this in our daily lives as educators. Before you want your students to understand you, think... "what do you already understand about my student?" What they are dealing with on a daily basis? What has happened to them in the past? What's going on at home?

Jackies' Friendly FRC Facts

"Baby...It's Cold Outside"!!!!! Please let me know if your students are in need of hats, or gloves or coats. We had a generous donation delivered to us and I still have some items available. I'll be around this week checking in on several of my friends.

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Please lift Danielle Adams and her family up in prayer. She lost her grandmother late Sunday night.

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Collins is a Star!! Watch Her Tonight on NICK!!!!

The wait is over!! We can now talk about Jessica Collins and all of her greatness!!! Please remember to watch Jessica (Maria's daughter) tonight on Nickelodeon's HALO Effect @ 8:00 PM. I am so excited to see the feature on Jessica and a Place to Sleep.


The Carter Boys are Home!! Look at all of this CUTENESS!!!

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January Birthdays

Amy Dickenson-21st

Stephanie Moore-23rd

Brittany Akin-24th

Tony Piccini-27th