Save Our Earth!

how can you help?

2015 Earth Day

Earth Day is a special holiday where people all over the world, are reminded to save the planet.

It all started in 1962 when a man named Gaylord Nelson imagined the world without trees. He thought about all of the littering and how very few people care about the environment. Gaylord wanted to change that, so he wrote an article about how people should have one day of the year to help save the earth and learn about it. President Bill Clinton read the paper and agreed. He contacted Gaylord and told him that he supported the whole thing. Gaylord spent nine years working on the Earth day project. He traveled around the world and made speeches about how we have to save the earth. Gaylord made a demonstration and people signed for Earth day to be a national holiday!

How we can we help? Easy. For instance, instead of throwing out your plastic water bottle, you can recycle it. It takes hundreds, to thousands of years for a plastic water bottle to disintegrate, so instead of waiting that long, you can recycle! You could also pick up trash to save the Earth. If you see a piece of trash on the ground, pick it up and the Earth will thank you! Picking up trash can help save animals too! You can also take shorter showers and turn off your water while you are brushing your teeth. These things aren't hard to do, and i encourage that you do them, because you can save the planet!

By: Sydney McKernan

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