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Games in the Classroom

Why use well-designed games as vehicles to assess and support learning? Read the quotes below from the article "Measuring and Supporting Learning in Games- Stealth Assessment" by Valerie Shute and Matthew Ventura
James Paul Gee on Grading with Games

James Paul Gee on Grading with Games

Games as assessment tools?

"All a video game is is problem solving...a video game is just an assessment." Watch the video above to listen to James Paul Gee's explanation. Then, look at this research data from the article "Money, Time, and Tactics: Can Games Be Effective in Schools?" by

Tina Barseghian of Mind/Shift:

"A number of individual studies have demonstrated that specific long-form games perform better when compared to typical lectures. Examples from research studies include Supercharged!, an electrostatics game that showed a 28% increase in learning (Squire, Barnett, Grant, & Higginbotham, 2004); Geography Explorer, a geology game that showed a 15 to 40% increase in learning (McClean, Saini-Eidukat, Schwert, Slator, & White, 2001); Virtual Cell, a cell biology game that showed a 30–63% increase in learning (McClean et al., 2001); and River City, a game that showed a 370% increase in learning for D students and 14% increase for B students (Ketelhut, 2007)."