Chasing Mavericks

A critical review by the talented philosopher Aristotle

Hurry and come buy your tickets before this action-packed film sells out! You won't want to miss it! It's even been highly rated by one of the finest movie critics we have to offer, Aristotle! Here's what he has to say about Chasing Mavericks.
1. Plot: This film gives us the inside scoop on Jay's childhood and teenage years, as he struggles with problems at home and with himself, as he overcomes many fears and learns to surf the biggest waves California's coast has to offer: Mavericks.

2. Frosty, Brenda, and Kim help Jay along the way to conquering his dreams.

3. Theme: Along with the theme of never giving up, this film offers many motivational messages, such as pushing yourself past the limits, trusting yourself, and that family and friends are your backbone.

4. Diction: "Paddle, paddle, paddle, little grom." Jay, his arch enemies, and his entire support system all add some surfer slang to the mix at one point or another in the movie.

5. Sound: The crashing and booming of those hundred foot waves is nothing like you've ever heard before!

6. Rocky slopes and jagged coastlines...wait, he actually goes surfing on those? This will be quite an adventure!