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Coaching Corner March 3, 2014

Class Pledges

The time has come! Our students will be required to take several assessments between now and the end of the year. One idea to help our children make it through the next several weeks is to write a class pledge or grade level pledge. Include phrases to help students remember how to relax, do their best, and respect each other. Possibly include something about how important the review sessions will be. Let me know if you want help creating one with your students. I'd love to help! The 2 min. video below is from a 3rd grade teacher. Enjoy!

Morning Meeting Ideas/Energizers

This resource has some practical and easy to implement games. Let me know if you are unable to open the link. I'll send it via email if necessary.

Data Warehouse News

Kristen sent this email. We can only access DWH at school but FYI.

The Individualized Student Learning Plan Template is now available in the DWH. It will will preload page one student information and generate as a PDF. Teachers can use this and only have to fill in the additional information (i.e., Intervention Strategies, Monitoring Status, page 2, etc)

When you run this report, you will see a copy of page 1 for every student in the class. Page 2 is a blank template and doesn’t contain any preloaded student data. Therefore p.2 is the exact same for every student. (There is simply a link embedded at the top of p.1 where teachers can access this second sheet.) Teachers can print one copy of p.2 and then make additional copies for each of the students but these will not be generated by the DWH.

I told ya … pretty awesome, huh?!


Kristen Sisk

Data Coach

Department of Research, Assessment, and Evaluation

2601 Bransford Avenue, Nashville, TN 37204


KMPG Book Distribution

Friday, April 25th, 8am

Morning Meeting

Volunteers will participate in Morning Meeting. They will read a story and then distribute free books to our students. Thanks to Katie Elam for connecting us with this great company!