Prophet Muhammad's Advice to Moath

Sh. Assim Al-Hakeem

This is an annual event hosted by IEF AlHamra

"The Advice of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to His Companion Mo'ath" presented by Sh. Assim Al-Hakeem.

Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem is one of the prominent propagators of Islam in English in Saudi Arabia. He is a Saudi national, born on 23 Nov,1962 and residing in Jeddah - K.S.A

Sheikh Assim is active in delivering Islamic programs for the Media in both Arabic & English languages like:

● A weekly Islamic program on Saudi 2nd channel 2004-2006
● A weekly program on Fiqh on Huda Channel since 2005
● "Ask Huda" Fatwa program
● Hosting a "weekly program" on "Iqra" Channel which was aired for 2 years.
● A number of different programs and lectures on Peace TV.

"The Advice of Prophet Muhammad to His Companion Mo'ath" More Details: 0566613142

Thursday, April 30th, 7:15-9pm

Tahlia St

Jeddah, Makkah Province

- Snacks & Drinks Available.

- More Details: 0566613142