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Reaching All Readers

Research indicates that our most struggling students have strong deficits in current event knowledge. This knowledge of the world around us is what makes for global, analytical thinkers.
However, a common struggle is locating materials that ALL students can independently read but discuss as a whole class. Newsela.com solves this problem. This site covers current events in a wide variety of high interest topics. Each 1-3 page article contains multiple reading levels options.
Reading level too high for some of your students? Select a more appropriate lexile range from the sidebar and Newsela.com will modify the article instantly.
This allows the teacher to differentiate the reading level and even the playing field for all students to participate in the discussion and activities.


This free site has endless possibilities. Teachers can generate fliers, newsletters, and visuals for online sharing and to print out. This site is easy to use and a great alternative for those student posters!

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Check out the February professional development offerings at BLaST IU.

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