I'm Turning 50!!

May 30, 2015

Are you READY!!?? I AM!

WOW! Life is soo GOOD! I'm inviting you.... ALL of you to share my 1/2 Century Birthday! Saturday, May 30, 2015.. Over the last 28 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many AMAZING people that I could not just "Pick" who would or should or COULD come to my LifeDay Celebration. So... All that know me are invited! The only thing is you have to RSVP! If you want to give me a gift, ... I would like $1 for every year! Anyway -can't wait to give myself and you as well a PARTY of a LifeTime! Y'all know I know how to throw a PARTY! so... RSVP NOW! Much Love to you.. Cabrini #FThatt

Save the DATE! I'm turning 50!!!!

Saturday, May 30th, 9pm

212 W 7th St

Los Angeles, CA

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

This is a new Gay Bar opening in DownTown Los Angeles! The "Mattachine"

Cabrini's 50th Celebration!

Are you READY!!!? Get those dancing clothes out of the closet and dust them OFF! It's time to dance the night away! We will start with Meet&Mingle at 9pm until 10:30 pm. Next, I will host a special show just for YOU! That's right you know I'm performing @ 10:45pm!! We will then coast into a champagne toast @ 11:15! Eat the cake (Anna-May) not! Gotta watch my figure cuz I'm 50! Dancing 'til 2am so be comfortable & sexy!