Challenger Disaster

By: Tommy Lindbloom

Interesting Facts

  • Launch Pad Number 39B
  • Launched Jan. 28, 1986
  • Was Launched In The Morning
  • Delayed Launch
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What Went Wrong?

  1. There Was A Swirling Flame On The Right Rocket Booster.
  2. The Mission Duration Was Only 1 Min. 13 sec. (73 Sec.).
  3. No One Survived All Seven Crew Members Died.
  4. Cold Weather Might Of Been A Factor.

Mission (Planned)

  1. Launch, Enter Orbit
  2. Launch The Spartan
  3. Experiment Scheduled To Begin
  4. Challenger Begin Closing In On Spartan
  5. Meet Up With Spartan And Pull It Back Into the Cargo Bay
  6. Re-Entry Preparations
  7. Land At The Kenndy Space Center
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