The Nostromocan Party

Presley Russell


The Nostromocans believe there are and should be ways to find jobs for those unemployed and even homeless. For those who are needy, rewards ,such as food stamps, are available to those who spend excessive time in community service.

Contagion Control

Contagious life threatening illnesses in our very populated country can be dangerous and quick to be spread. This is why we support quarantining those who might be sick, but we have comfortable utopia like quarantine zones.

Military Funding

We believe in big military funding because our country's safety is our main priority, and millitary all around the world are always growing. This is why we will keep ours the largest and strongest.

Tax Payer Equality

We think that the tax paying methods are fine the way they are. Those who can afford to spend more should spend more, and those who can't afford a lot pay less.

Gun Control

Gun control seems to be a big topic nowadays and we believe that guns don't need any more laws than there already are because a lot of American pride actually derives from the ownership of weapons.
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What does our symbol represent?

Why the cow? Cows are always together. Through storms, slaughters, the hollow times, or even just a regular day out in the pasture. Cows always keep company and don't leave anyone out of their life/views. The cow shows how we are willing to work together with everyone and stand by each other in times of peace or non-peace.

Who would like us more?

The Republican Party would be able to see through our eyes better than most people because we have a lot of common views,but we have the facts, opinions, and ideas that could change the views of opposing parties.

Strongly Supported

In California and New York where economies would require constant upkeep, we are strongly supported because of our views on economy and other factors in our country.