Sea Lampreys have been found in the united states

What are They?

The Petromyzon marinus,or Sea Lamprey, is an eel like fish with a suction cup mouth witch is used to latch on itś host. The Sea lamprey is 12 to 20 inches long and weigh about 8 to 13 pounds each!

Petromyzon Marinus Crimes

the name Petromyzon Marinus is the scientific name for the sea lamprey which just means large anadromus lamprey. They harm the ecosystem by killin commercially important fish like trout.They also Eat more than 40 pounds of fish!


The Sea Lamprey is native to the atlantic ocean and the shores of antartica.The way these invasive specices have entered the U.S.A is they went through human made locks and shipping canals dating back to the 1800ś.


These harmful organisms have been seen in lake michigan,huron,superior, and ontario. The Way the goverment are taking care of this problem is blocking the areas the Sea Lampreys spawn.Also they posin parts of the river.