The lion and the Bear

Gretta Sailer

One day a great big Lion stomped up to a little bear mouse and said “give me all of your grass and meat”. The little bear (Ella) scurried away. The Lion came up to the bear again and said “if you don’t give me your food I will eat you in one big gulp!” The Lion thought about a plan to get all of Ella’s food when she wasn’t looking. So the Lion ran up to Ella and tried, tried, and tried! He couldn't do it. He tried not to give up and he didn't, he finally got Ella's food. Ella was sad... The tiger ate all of her grass and meat. Ella saw the tiger gathering up more food for his starving family. Ella said to her dad "someday when I'm older can I go get my own food?" Asked Ella. Ella's dad said "yes Ella you can when you are older." But then Ella glanced and saw the tiger leave. Ella ran up and stole the food as quickly as she could! Her dad patted her on the back and said "way to go that's my girl!" The tiger came back scrambling wondering where his food could have gone, the tiger was starving. He thought to himself "that's it, I know Ella did it!" He was going to go snatch it from Ella ,but he thought twice about it. He thought to himself "well maybe if I wouldn't have done it the first time she wouldn't have stole it back from me. The great big tiger went up to Ella and apologized, 'I'm sorry, I knew I shouldn't have done that." He walked away guilty, and regretted doing that.