My Football Team Analysis

4B Post-Assessment

Asch Experiemnt

Our football team stands out in forms of conformity which comes from the Asch experiment because we do what our captains are doing. We behave according to our captains and copy their behavior which leads to everyone coping their behavior.If one person slacks then we all slack off, and vice versa. The Asch experiment was similar because a participant started to doubt himself even if he thought it was wrong he went with the flow because he was influenced by group pressure.

Milgram Experiment

We also had to have a sense of obedience from our coach who is in control of authority, in order to avoid a punishment like running laps around the field.The Milgram experiment was all about obeying a experimenter in order to shock the student who the experimenter gave the instructions to the teacher because he has the authority and wanted to see the results of the experiment accurately. The Milgram experiment is similar to our practice because we don't want to challenge his authority so we obey to our coach before we get punished.

Zimbarado Experiment

The Zimbarado experiment was about how prisoners were going to behave towards the guards. The coaches sometimes develop groupthink in which they try to overwork us without them experiencing how tired we are. For us we go through group polarization when we get a water break because one of our captains tell us not to worry because tomorrow (Thursady) we are just going to have a walk through to rest up for the game so that motivates us to get from angry to determined and have the attitude of "lets get it over with".
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There are times in the game that I hate all the times especially when I give up sacks, sometimes I keep the comments to myself because my coach hardly does any pass coverage drills because our conference is composed of running teams as well as us. The example shows self-serving bias because I had given up stacks just because coach doesn't do many pass coverage drills. Other things that I hate is when a I get push from behind after the whistle is blown. One guy bumps into me from the back, and I started to get an attitude with the guy, and then on the next play I just knock him down even though it was not my man. I later saw the film that he was just pushed by one of my teammates that the guy didn't do it on purpose. It was a fundamental attribution error.