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October 25, 2019

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Alma Airedales at Harrison Goblins

Friday, Oct. 25th, 7pm

925 Goblin Drive

Harrison, AR

Join the Airedales as they travel to Harrison to take on the Goblins. If you can't make it out, you can watch our live stream on the Alma School District YouTube Channel. Go Airedales!

Alma High School

Alma DECA Sponsors Driving Simulation:

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Alma DECA Sponsors Tour of ABB Motors and Manufacturing for AHS Students:

On October 11, 2019, some of Sherry Siler’s Marketing students embarked on a very educational and mind blowing adventure to ABB. ABB is a Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation, that make just about everything you could think of. Specifically in Fort Smith they produce motors, which was actually way more interesting than you’d think. Student’s had the chance to ask questions, watch some of the building and producing of motors and just learn the truth behind factory work.

Students were split into groups and given tours of the facility giving them a chance to eliminate the clique stereotype placed on factories and their workers since the Industrial Revolution. Just like most, I believed that factories where dirty, hot and just back breaking work. But ABB and other companies have managed to change that. At ABB, information about worker hours sound oddly refreshing. Whether you’re first (6:45am - 2:45pm), second (2:45pm - 10:45pm, or third (10:45pm - 6:45am) shift you get paid for eight hours, although you only work seven and a half. Workers get a thirty minute lunch break, PAID. And with all their technical advances, the back breaking labor turns into doing your job and using a conveyor belt lowering the risk of injuries and putting production a step further.

ABB is truly one of a kind, supplying employees’ jobs without a college degree. But wait get this, they pay for your college. Anyone looking to get a degree to up their pay and grow they’re education gets the choice to get a college education paid for if they make c’s and higher throughout college. This is one of the many perks that come with working with ABB which is probably the reason most people work there for 12 to 15 years. ABB is making factory work the future not the past, giving the new generation a new outlook while building a stronger community.

By sponsoring this manufacturing tour, Alma DECA is hoping to expand the career development opportunities of the student body. There are many careers in our local area, and ABB showed us several of them.

By Marketing Student Mia Cagle

Alma Middle School

Leadership Safari

On Wednesday, October 23, fifty eighth grade students participated in Leadership Safari, a county-wide leadership conference. Students were teamed with students from other Crawford county schools and rotated through various sessions designed to build their leadership skills: communication, goal setting, personality types, team building, etc. The students extended their network of peers, learned some new skills and had an overall great experience.
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Alma Intermediate School

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Alma Primary School

APS Star Students:

Mrs. Anderson, Ms. Fimpel and Ms. Ellifrits Classes:

Students took a field trip to Frog Bayou Farms on Tuesday. They had a great time at the pumpkin patch and enjoyed playing with the animals and being active outdoors in the cooler fall temperatures.
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Airedales in Action

Airedale Jr. Theatre:

Alma Middle School drama students presented "The Stinky Feet Gang- A One Act Performance". The students worked very hard on the sets and rehearsing over the last several weeks. Their hard work paid off and it was a delightful show! Way to go students!
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The Airedale:

The incredible students of Airewaves Media have just finished their latest Newscast. Tune in to watch The Airedale below.
The Airedale 10-23-19

Airedale Upcoming Events

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Red Ribbon Week October 28 through November 1:

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