May Newsletter

Randy and Jocelyn's Class

Important Dates

May 5: Chorus leaves early at 1:45 to rehearse for Olympic Day performance

May6: Scholastic book orders due

May 6: Olympic Day

May 7: Service Learning Day 9:00-11:00am

May 8: Mother's Day

May 10: Photographers will be visiting our classroom for future marketing materials

May 12: Chorus Concert 7:00-8:00pm

May 13: Parent Book Club @ 1:00pm in the Teacher Center

May 13: Student and parent library books need to be returned

May 19: Randy's Birthday

May19-20: Collaboration with little buddies at Kinder-Collectibles

May 20: Parent Book Club @ 1:00pm in the Teacher Center

May 25: 6th grade awards ceremony

May 26: Graduation

Other Important Information

This year we have decided to collaborate with our little buddy class for our service project. A few years ago, in kindergarten, Elizabeth Cohen was inspired to raise money and awareness for white rhinos. Since Market was a successful learning experience for our 4th graders, we thought it would be a good opportunity for them to help teach their little buddies how to make items and assist them in the sale of the goods. This will be the first year in Kinder-Collectible history that the kindergartens will be aided and guided by their big buddies. We welcome you to come out, shop and support both classes in our endeavor to bring awareness to the preservation of white rhinos. Thursday 5/19 and Friday 5/20 9:00-11:30am

What We Need:

  • used toys (please nothing broken) any age will do
  • used books
  • used games, knick knacks
  • cards- baseball, Pokemon etc.
  • assorted legos (does not have to be a complete set
  • used outdoor toys

Anything will help.

What We Are Learning

Science- The class created beautiful scrapbooks sharing information about our trip to St. Simons and Cumberland Island along with other information they gained during our ecosystems and ecology studies beforehand.

We have begun our studies on the body systems. Students have explored the general functions of the body systems and created a representation of each system. For the remainder of the year we will narrow in on the nervous system in honor of a fellowship Jocelyn did with the Stanley Lab of Neural Coding at Georgia Tech.

Academic Content:

  • Identification of body systems and their functions
  • Identification of body parts
  • Exposure to operant conditioning
  • Exposure to basic concepts of neurotransmission
  • Spikerbox, 2 point Discrimination experiments (GT neuroscientist visits)
  • Construction and evaluation of homunculi

Math3-D Shapes, Weight, Volume and Capacity will guide students to discover the basic properties of geometric solids and explore concepts of volume.

Skills and Content Covered:

  • Weight
  • Geometric solids and their construction
  • Volume
  • Formula for the volume of a rectangular prism
  • Subtraction of positive and negative numbers
  • Capacity

Writing Workshop:

Students are working on their final writing piece of the year- informational writing. They have been asked to find a topic they feel knowledgeable about. Topics range from physical activities students are involved with, historical events, recent units of study and animal studies.

Skills and Content Covered:

  • How to effectively search for information on the internet
  • Discerning good vs. bad information
  • The use of graphic organizers
  • Exploring and application of paraphrasing and quotations
  • Adding supporting details and examples from sound sources
  • Grammar/punctuation
  • Outlining the beginning, middle and end of a writing piece

Reading- Our Book Club reading The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo has been a hit with the class. We are continuing to read The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame as our class read aloud.