Grzegorz Albrecht

independent business catalyst


Greg works as an independent business catalyst, helping organizations and people to succeed in their professional aspirations. Shares his experience, networks and passion by:

1. Strategy and communication advisory

Grzegorz’s main goal is to help clients grow their businesses in the most effective way. As an advisor Grzegorz offers a number of tools to choose from while working on new projects:

> Creative workshops turning ideas and values into result driven plans.
> Brand communication plans adequate to the market demand.
> Innovative sales strategies utilizing new media and cross-marketing.
> Change management workshops searching for new business and product opportunities utilizing current resources.
> Mediating in negotiations and multi-party projects

2. Market research and networking

Business matchmaking - with a trusted network of business contacts worldwide you and your company will achieve more.

> Enter Poland, the 650 billion Euro market. Grzegorz offers market research and B2B networking support for companies searching for opportunities in the market.
> Searching for investment or an investor? Grzegorz can lead you through the matchmaking process and help in the preparation and aquisition process.
> Save time and lower the risk of failure by using recommended service providers in Grzegorz’s trusted partners network

3. Experience sharing

Grzegorz gives lectures, keynote speeches and runs workshops on a number of subjects related to business and talent development. Topics covered include:

> Branding as storytelling
> Effective communication in the digital era
> Habits of leaders - small tweaks = big changes

> Injecting innovation into the company’s bloodsystem
> Negotiating in a win-win way
> Inspiration - empowering people by showing them opportunities