The Gnome Knows, Do You?

The Scoop at the WCCC Media Center, September 2013

Welcome Back!

I wanted to let you know about some of the new opportunities and offerings you may not be aware of in the media center. This school year I will try to send these newsletters out periodically to keep you in the know so that hopefully you will be as knowledgeable of the media center as my dear mascot, Larry the gnome. ;0)

WCCC Digital Library (Link)

The digital Library is now live and available in Sharepoint under the media center tab and in general announcements. To use the library, you and your students must be logged in with your district-issued credentials. The library consists of four categories of information:

  • eBooks & databases
  • copyright-friendly video
  • copyright-friendly pictures & music
  • online courses

WCCC Online Catalog (of resources within the media center and online through INFOhio) Link *NOTE: This can be easily linked to your log-in page in your new Windows 8 software. See me and I can help.

Materials Available for Check-out

  • iPads (10)- presently for teacher check-out only
  • Kindles (8)- for a week at a time
  • Digital Cameras (6)- as needed
  • Flip Cameras (25)- to be used as classroom sets or individually
  • Headset microphones (30)- as needed
  • TV & DVD carts (4, only 1 Blu-Ray)- as needed
  • Four person CD Listening Stations (2)
  • Laptops (30)- in school use only
  • Chromebooks (5)- for long term check-outs
  • Laptops (?)- for longterm check-outs coming soon

*NOTE: In order to check-out any of these materials, your students will need to have their 2013-2014 Technology Requisition Form.

This now in!

The new charging station for Apple and Andriod products is now fully functional. Here are a few of the first happy customers. Kindle compatibility will be added soon.

National "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

Thursday, Sep. 19th, 7:30am-3pm

Everywhere that fun exists

Last year we celebrated our first ever "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and honestly I didn't know what to expect. I'm happy to say that it was greatly received by the students so this year I am planning on expanding it a bit! (I have definitely ordered more temporary tattoos for this year.)

I would absolutely love if you would like to participate within your own classroom. There are several staff members on board and working to tie the swashbuckling day into their lesson plans and curriculum.

I realize on the surface that this is a somewhat silly day, but if you look back on your high school experiences, it is no doubt similar days that you remember. "Remember the day Mr. Tarkin talked about Pythagorean theorem in a pirate voice?" Well, I don't know about you, but I certainly would look upon that memory quite fondly. So with that sentiment, I hope I can encourage you to inject a little fun and fond memories into your students' high school experience. Argh!

The Gnome's Cool New Tech Tool

Edcanvas is a cool, visually pleasing educational tool that allows educators to post links to videos, text, and images. It is quite similar to Pinterest, but was designed as a more educationally minded platform. It creates a grid pattern for your students and you simply add material by dragging and dropping. It is also super easy to integrate your Edcanvas links into MOODLE. Below are a few ways educators are using Edcanvas.

GMOs: Genetically Modified Organisms

Ratios, Rates & Proportions

Current Issues: The Water Crisis

Technology: Alternatives to PowerPoint

Literary Term Resources

Yes, these links pertain to the general core academic areas, but this cool tool is just begging to curate CT areas as well. For more information or help using Edcanvas, please see Winnie Milner.

Just in case you missed our zombie video. . .

You may know that at the end of last school year we were creating our own media center promotional video. It was finally completed with the help of Carrie Frandoni's 8th period drama class and two very talented seniors from Greg Beasley's Digital Design lab. The project wasn't without a few bumps in the road, but in the end the students were able to hone their crafts and have a little fun.

The premise of the video is that zombies have taken over the Warren County Career Center and all technology has failed. What do the students do? Go to the media center of course! There they try to solve the zombie dilemma by reading books to come up with a solution. The neat part of the video concept is that every time the students opened a book, the invading zombies reenacted an iconic scene in each book. It's a bit on the long side (9 minutes), but if you've reached the point of full brain saturation, it might be just the thing you need to recharge. My favorite parody includes super heroes. What's not to love?

Zombies in the Media Center