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March 29th, 2021


Autism Awareness Week

Please share this information with your child(ren) so, if they don't already know, they can learn about Autism.

Autism affects how the brain works and can make it difficult for some people to talk, understand others, make friends or calm themselves down when they feel worried or stressed. There are many people with Autism, including some of your friends at school! Some of our pioneers with Autism are in a program called S.U.C.S.E.S.S. It is important to learn about Autism so we can all make sure everyone is understood, included, and cared for!

On social media this week, the PTA will be sharing information about Autism, and on APRIL 2nd, we will celebrate AUTISM AWARENESS DAY with an INCLUSION HUNT at PRISK! That day, our pioneers can find Autism awareness buttons surrounding the campus.


Traffic Around the School

Please EXPECT TRAFFIC during the drop-off and pick-up of students this week.

Our busiest times of the day will be from 12:15pm to 12:35pm and from 2:50pm to 3:10pm.


Here is a Map of our Entry Gates, Just in Case You Need It :)

Big picture


Google App for Daily Health Screening Check-In

It's finally here!

Please use your phone's camera to access the Google Form associated with the embedded QR Code. This QR Code is specifically for Prisk families. (Please note that you do not have to use this Google Form; we can simply ask you the questions at the gate if you don't want to/can't do it electronically.)

You will need to:

  • Enter your email address
  • Select whether you are a student, employee, parent, or other. (Select "student")
  • Student ID#
  • Grade
  • Teacher Name
  • Answer Yes or No to whether or not your child is currently experiencing symptoms
  • Answer Yes or No to having had contact with or caring for someone with COVID
  • Answer Yes or No to awaiting the results of a COVID test (asymptomatic screening for school is not considered a "test")
  • Whether you answered Yes or No to any of the 3 previous questions.

You will receive a date-stamped GREEN CHECK if you are cleared for the temperature scan at the gate. You will receive a date-stamped RED X if you are not clear and should remain home. Please contact the school if this is the case so we can follow up with you!

This seems like a LOT, but once you complete it the first time, your "auto-fill" should help make it faster. If you fill out the form on a computer or other device, you can take a screenshot and show that to us at the gate. If you have multiple children, you can fill out each one and screenshot them... then scroll through the pictures at the gate so we can see the green check for all of the kids.

It's a lot, but it will be worth it to have some of our students back on campus!

Return to In-Person Learning Video/Slide Deck

Prisk Return to In Person Learning


Completing our Asymptomatic COVID Screening

For any student who was unable to make it to the in-person preview, we will be completing our Asymptomatic COVID screening as soon as possible this week. If your child was NOT YET screened, please make sure you register your child using the attached QR Code (using your phone's camera) or by visiting this URL on a computer or other device.

The school nurse or a trained support staff member will administer the screening while your child is on campus.


STEAM Fair Canvas Course

Self-Enroll in the STEAM Fair Canvas Course!!

Click this link or select this URL to "Self-Enroll" in this course!

You can complete your DIGITAL STEAM FAIR PROJECT simply by using this course as your guide!!!!


Prisk Spirit-Wear

Hello everyone,

The Prisk School Spirit Store is now open!

We've got spirit, yes WE do! We've got spirit, how about YOU?

Show off your PIONEER PRIDE with our brand new spirit wear available NOW at the Prisk School Online Spirit Store! To check out the cool logos below on our featured items available, go to:

Gooooo Pioneers!!!



Let's celebrate Spring and Blossoming Friendships here at Prisk with SPRING GRAMS!!!

For only $3 you can send your friends some Spring Goodness! Please make sure to have your friend's name and address for delivery.

The sale starts March 22nd and ends April 2nd.

#priskstrong #priskspringgrams #priskblossoms

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Wizarding Wednesdays

WANDS UP!!!! This Wednesday, 3/31...

Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets... Chapter 9

Get your personal Zoom meeting link by visiting:



  • Prisk yearbooks are now available for purchase!
  • Two free customizable personal pages are included with your purchase with an option to purchase additional pages.
  • Cost: $18.38 (does not include tax and shipping)
  • Please click on the link for additional information and directions.
  • Prisk Passcode: 1013833273861089
  • Click here for information on submitting your yearbook portrait and/or theme photos
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YMCA Spring Break Program

Summer Camp YMCA

This flyer contains the link for a Sneak Peek Zoom Session on the Summer Program!


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Marathon Mile Club Info


Join Prisk's Marathon Mile Club!!! Everyone is welcome to participate by walking or running.... please spread the word! Marathon Mile accepts up to an hour of exercise a week; it doesn't have to be any set time so long as the total time doesn't exceed an hour. Small walks/runs are just as good as an hour straight! Email your mileage to

RUNNER UPDATE as of March 7th!

Hi Marathon runners!

We're sorry that we've been delayed in providing an update, but life has been keeping us super busy. We know that's probably the case for most of you as well, so if you have mileage from any time in February, please let us know and we will back-credit you for the distance.

So, where are we as a team? Well, we just ran through Springfield, MO, and are on our way to St. Louis! Look at the map below to see our progress!!!!

Big picture

We have a lot of runners now that have run over a double marathon in distance (Whoa!) and two parents have contributed over 100 miles each! Our top student runners are now approaching their third marathon in distance!!!

We do have one very important favor from all of you, though! Can you please send pictures of your student runners (if they have a sign saying Marathon Mile, BONUS!) so we can submit them to the yearbook team. We need these photos ASAP, and at the latest by the 11th.

Thanks so much and keep running along!

Katie & David


Principal's Challenge Canvas Course: Leaderboard

Congrats to this week's TOP 5 (Student Name/Alias) on the Badge Leaderboard!

  1. Maya M. (Benevolent Triceratops)
  2. Omid R. (Symbolic Shark)
  3. Solange G. (Adorable Alligator)
  4. Lily M. (Easygoing Hornet)
  5. Calixta A. (Smooth Pelican)

Looking for some extra learning opportunities or challenges for your child? Check out my Principal's Challenge Canvas Course! Just copy and paste this URL and you can SELF-ENROLL (students and observers).

Not sure what this is? Check out the February 8th Newsletter "In the Spotlight" for more details or just join my course and look around at your leisure!


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Upcoming Dinner Nights Out!



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Principal Cohen :)

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