Sora Instructions for Northside ISD Students and Employees

What exactly is Sora all about?

How do I get started?

To access Sora, you must be a current Northside ISD student or employee.

  • Open the NISD Portal and click on the Sora button OR
  • Open a web browser and type,
  • You can add the Sora App on any device with internet access

Once you have accessed Sora:

  • Click on Northside ISD or if you see another school district , switch schools and follow instructions
  • Sign into Northside ISD with your username, which is your student or employee id, with the leading letter.

Add the Sora App on any Smart Device

Download the Sora on any smart device by searching for "sora" in your app store. District devices will automatically have this app downloaded for your convenience!

Whether it is on a laptop computer, a phone, or a tablet, you can access and continue to read from where you last read. Look for the prompt asking if you how you want to proceed.

Increase Access to Resources: Add the San Antonio Public Library

One last thing before you can check out a book from SAPL...

The first time you borrow a book from the San Antonio Public Library, you will be prompted to select your library.

  • Select Northside ISD
  • Use your e# or s# as your username
  • Check out and read your new book from SAPL on Sora!

Video instructions are below.

Multiuser Collections Available Through Sora

The Sora Starter Collections gives unlimited simultaneous use access to a collection of 250+ digital books, including read-alongs, ebooks, and audiobooks. Spanish-language options are available, too.

Sora Sweet Reads is a free, annual summer reading program that offers high-interest simultaneous use ebooks and audiobooks for Elementary, Middle, and High School communities—available May 4 to August 17.

SYNC Audiobooks for Teens is a free summer audiobook program sponsored by AudioFile Magazine and powered by Sora. The program will make two thematically paired audiobooks available weekly in Sora from April 28 to August 17. Note: This program is open to any registered participant. It is not exclusive to schools with the Sora platform.

Details for how to enjoy these free titles with Sora can be found within this OverDrive blog post.

Filterable Reading Statistics

Students can now filter their reading statistics on the Me tab. With Sora’s new date picker, students can choose to see all historical data, today’s, or for any custom date range. Whether students are looking to track summer reading, compare reading growth by school year, or check their stats for a reading session, Sora has them covered!
Improvements to eBook and Audiobook Experience

This is a seven minute video that will help you to learn how to use the newly added features.

Access Collections in Sora (Where to find Spanish Titles for Young Readers, as well)

Access eBook Collections in Sora

Read in a Variety of Languages

Big picture
Big picture

Where to Find the Dyslexic Font

Click on the "hamburger" on the top right hand corner. You'll find General Settings (cog image) and click on that. Here you can select the display of dyslexic font and high contrast print.

Add A Shortcut to Your Computer

Adding a Sora shortcut

If you're using Chrome, we suggest you add a Sora shortcut for quick access:

  1. Go to > All Settings.
  2. Select Downloads (under "General").
  3. Select Add a shortcut.
    Note: You won't see this option if you've already added a Sora shortcut.

You can find the shortcut on your desktop (on a computer) or in the menu (on a Chromebook).

What makes Sora great for students?

  • Easy to use, one tap to get inside a book
  • The largest catalog of ebooks and audiobooks…made even larger by access to your public library through Sora. Just add your SAPL library card number to increase your access to books.
  • Exportable notes, highlights for collaborative learning
  • Personalized with book recommendations and learning tools like dyslexic font, enlarged text, Read-Alongs and audiobooks
  • Badges and achievements to engage students
  • Same experience on all devices
  • Direct support for readers provided by OverDrive
Adventure Bookmarks

Tip: Print these and put a QR code on the back that links to a video of you introducing yourself!

Teen Adventure Bookmarks

Advertise Sora and library links on one convenient location!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many books can I check out and how long can I have them?

If you were a Sora user before, you may have noticed a change in how many books you are able to check out.

To assist students who are using Sora for assigned reading, the loan policies are as follows. All patrons may:

  • Borrow 3 titles at a time

  • Place holds on 5 titles

  • Enjoy a loan period that is 21 days for ebooks and audiobooks

When you are finished with a title, return it early so others may borrow it and so you may access another.

Q. How do we know when a book on hold becomes available?

You will receive an email from notifying you that your ebook or audiobook has been automatically checked out to you. See the image below,
Big picture

Q.What is the assigned book feature about? How do we do that?

Title assignments are used to ensure that a whole class receives a copy of a book that their campus has purchased for their use. This feature is also used for students with reading or visual impairments who need digital copies of a book that a class is currently reading. Teachers may make a request to their campus librarian that a title be assigned to one or a few students if they see need. Their campus librarian will take the request to the Sora administrator.

Need more help?

Click on the link below for more Sora information. The help instructions are translatable!

If you have more questions, please contact your campus librarian.