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Pikes Peak Early College, September Edition

A Note from Rochelle Kolhouse, Principal

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Pikes Peak Early College! While our start this year has been a bit unique to say the least, we are off and running and diving into learning because Yetis are relentless in the face of adversity and extreme obstacles. We have enjoyed getting to know our new students both face-to-face and online. It has also been wonderful welcoming back our returning students, and for many of them, seeing them in person again! We are enjoying the new addition to The Campus and have certainly made good use of the spacious classrooms.

It’s hard to believe, but October Count is just around the corner. I know we haven’t been in school that long yet and many of us are still learning how to do online or hybrid school. However, October Count is how the state manages our per-pupil funding and impacts our school budget. It is important that students both virtual and hybrid are consistently logging into school and completing their work in Edgenuity and ALEKS. The October Count pre-window begins September 24th which is right around the corner. We will be hosting an additional Parent Q & A help session and training on September 24th from 5:30 pm-6:30 pm via Zoom to answer any questions you may have as well as offer assistance with our online learning platforms. We will also share a virtual tour of our new campus! We hope you will be able to attend!

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to thank our gracious PPEC families and community. While the start of our school year was not as we had traditionally planned, your dedication to our school, understanding, and grace has made for a smooth transition for everyone and I am grateful. PPEC has such an amazing community and that is thanks to our fabulous staff, students, and families. Thanks for helping us start the 2020-2021 school year strong!

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful and believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you."-Misty Copeland


Hi, my name is Mr. Wayne Beadles (yes like the Beatles but with a "d") and I am a PPEC math teacher… but I am not the only math teacher. I teach Pre-Calculus, Statistics, Personal Finance, College Algebra Prep, and MAT 121 (College Algebra). Many of the PPEC students in Algebra I and II are taking courses with Mrs. McClain and Mrs. Wilkins through SSAE. Learning and linking concepts of Mathematics is my passion. Everyone in the math department is dedicated to our students. The PPEC students have jumped into ALEKS and began working their way toward the 65% mastery completion by Fall Break. I am here to work with all the PPEC students. Friday’s provide me with a fantastic opportunity to get to know and work with PPEC students who I do not necessarily have in class (yet). We encourage PPEC students to work ahead and study hard in math. Students are welcome to finish the fall semester early and begin the spring course early if they would like.

Courses work on a semester basis and we ask students to be at 65% by Fall Break. If they are not at 65% they will need to work during the fall break to get caught up. The next benchmark will be to get to 85% by winter break. If a student gets to 85% completion with a knowledge check they will be moved into the next semester course. PPEC has traditionally had students finish Algebra I and II in one year. We would like to emphasize, however, that is is not a requirement, merely an option for students who like to get ahead.

Please reach out to me anytime if you have any questions about “Anything Math” at We are proud of PPEC and all of our students. Our students are amazing and we know they will be doing outstanding things in the years to come.


Welcome to the PPEC Science Lab! My name is Mrs. Julie Butterworth. Teaching Science has always been a passion of mine, especially hands-on science! I strive to create lessons with inquiry to help foster excitement for science! Every lesson, activity, and lab is carefully selected and designed with your student’s needs, interests, and academic success in mind. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting each of our inquisitive young PPEC scientists over the past few weeks.

This month, students are generating testable scientific questions that they will then use to design and carry out laboratory investigations that test the best ways to prevent the spread of disease. Our science students will use their experimentation to explore measurements, significant figures, and scientific notation. Students will also analyze data and use those graphs to state a claim and defend that claim based on evidence that they supported by reasoning through scientific principles.

Our virtual science students will have access to our full virtual labs throughout the year as well as unlimited opportunities to meet with me and get one-on-one help virtually through Zoom. On Zooms, if you feel comfortable with your zoom camera on, have it on and unmute yourself and ask questions! I'm here to help! This year is going to be full of challenges, and most students will struggle with understanding the content at some point this year - even those that enjoy science and have always done well in science class. To struggle is not a bad thing! We often come out of the other side of a struggle stronger than when we entered. So, please work through the struggle and ask for help when you need it! You do not have to struggle alone!


Hello! My name is Mrs. Adrianne Ryland and I teach all things English! It is so refreshing to have some students back in the building and continue to meet with my virtual students online. While school may look a bit different from the outside, real learning and fun is happening each and every day!

Blended students have been learning about the basics of writing. Because this is a tough topic for most students, I give students time to work with me on their writing while guiding them through how to format essays, use descriptive language, and simple tips to make their writing more complex. Students will move into some in-depth topics in the coming weeks: debates, current events, and problem-solving some local issues.

Virtual students continue to amaze me with their work in Edgenuity. I have enjoyed working one-on-one or in small groups with several students, walking them through a tough quiz, or starting a writing assignment.

I look forward to a great year with our students!

World Languages

Hallo! Salut! Hola!

My name is Mrs. Galia Minshew and I again have the opportunity to teach world languages to a sensational group of students.

World Language in the times of Covid. We never imagined going through something like this.

Sometimes I think we are living one of the novels of magical realism by the great writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, where we must create our own language to communicate, where we must sometimes speak with our eyes because our mouth is covered.

Social distance has led us to use and learn to use other tools to communicate, and not only the young, the little ones and even our grandparents have learned to use Zoom and other communication platforms.

But teaching a language in these times is a big challenge since the use of the mask does

not allow both the teacher and the student to see our faces and learn gestures and sounds that are important to hear in order to learn a language and for students to see how to pronounce and gesture in the new language you are learning.

That is why we encourage students not to stop taking virtual classes so that they can learn this important part of pronunciation and vocalization without having to wear masks. Most of my teaching must be done online in Zoom sessions. The more all students can attend the online sessions, the better their understanding of language. Likewise, hybrid students have the advantage of having their teacher to help them with the small problems they may have while they are working on their lessons.

Stay Healthy!

Important dates:

-September 28th PBL- ThinkCERCA project is due.

-September 30th midterm exam.

Tech Electives

Hello! My name is Ms. Natalie Cummings. I teach all the things technology and electives at PPEC. I am so excited to work with all of you this year whether its in Health, Teen leadership, Coding, or one of our other career pathway electives. This last month has felt like a whirlwind but our students have already shown the determination, commitment, and flexibility that it takes to be a PPEC Yeti. I look forward to getting to know all families and students more this year either through Zoom or in the building.

PPEC’s vision is to prepare every student and I believe computer science and basic knowledge of coding is key to any future career path. PPEC offers a complete 2-year coding pathway that will prepare students for industry certification and postsecondary readiness in computer science. If you are interested in signing up for Coding please contact me anytime.

This year Pikes Peak Early College and Springs Studio are seeking to expand our advisory committee for Engineering and Computer Science in order to build strong relationships within the industry and provide authentic opportunities for students. We are looking for volunteers to commit to one hour 2-3 days per year to help us with various aspects of our programs. While we do need people who have a background in engineering and architecture, I am also looking for professionals with other specialties or even without a technical background. The goals for our advisory committee is as follows:

  • Build connections to industry partners to ensure our students have an authentic learning experience
  • Have opportunities for students available particularly for internships, scholarships, and to make professional contacts
  • Partner with companies and professionals to provide educational and professional opportunities for students
Often, professionals ask what these opportunities look like when they are approached. We ask our volunteers to be available either during the day or after school, 2-3 times per school year. We will host either a meeting or an event that you can choose to come to. These events may include, but are not limited to, project mentors, Engineering Career Day, curriculum reviews, and juries for presentations. In addition, if your workplace offers field trips, job shadows, internships, scholarships, grants, sponsorships, then please help us connect with the correct contact for those opportunities. If you have additional ideas on how you could work with us, then that is also welcomed!

Details and specific dates will be forthcoming, so if you are interested in participating, please complete the form below. Click here for the form

Counselor's Corner

Welcome to school COVID style! I am Mrs. Dale Bonavita, the Counselor and College Advisor at PPEC.

What a crazy start to this school year, but I am willing to wager a bet that you will never forget these times. I tend to think about things in a positive way and thus encourage you to find the positive side of this year. What have you liked so far about the current way we are working together? Additionally, what are you doing for your own self-care? Perhaps you are taking walks/hikes as a family, have you worked on any projects, taken up a new hobby? Our concept of normal has certainly changed, so why not embrace it and go with the flow?

With that being said, I hope that school has started out well for all of you and that you have adjusted to your classes. Be sure to contact professors directly to ensure you are up to date and haven’t missed anything. Have you read all of your syllabi completely? Are you doing the discussions? How can I help you?

College Advising season has begun. Please remember that every student taking college classes must meet with me between now and the end of October in order to continue taking college classes. To clarify, a student is considered a concurrent enrollment/college student if he/she is taking any college classes on any campus. Appointments can be made through my booking link, which can also be found in any of my emails as well as below.

A few announcements:

You should have signed up for REMIND text messages

You should have signed up for a Spring Advising appointment

There is a virtual college fair from Oct. 5-9 that is FREE for all students. Register here

Check out the links below for some great information!

UNIGO Scholarships

They have a variety of scholarships that are easy to apply for. Search their website and get $$$$ for college!

Going Merry Scholarship Website

Easy to apply for scholarships that are matched to YOU! They do the work for you. Create an account today!

REMIND Text Messaging Updates for College Students

Sign up to receive updates and reminders for college courses and concurrent enrollment. Follow the prompts.

Family Engagement Council

Our first meeting for the 2020-2021 school year will be Monday September 14th from 5:00 pm-6:30 pm (virtual via Zoom invitation). If you are interested in learning more about some of our past FEC happenings or if you are interested in serving on our council, please click on the FEC Additional Information link below. Thank you for your time and dedication to our school!

FEC Additional Information

Upcoming Events

September 7, 2020-Labor Day No School

September 14, 2020 5:00pm-6:30pm-Family Engagement Council

September 24-30, 2020-October Pre-Count Window for state funding

October 1, 2020-October Count Day

October 29, 2020- PSAT/NMSQT For current 11th graders

Virtual College Fair

Monday, Oct. 5th, 8am to Friday, Oct. 9th, 4pm

This is an online event.

Attend this college fair from the comfort of your home FREE. of charge! BUT you must sign up ahead of time through this link
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