JW Reason Elementary

4th Grade Newsletter- December 2014

What's on the Calendar?

December 3- Skate America Party after school

December 19- Class Holiday Parties 2-3pm

December 22- January 2- NO SCHOOL, Holiday Break

What are we learning?

December Curriculum

Math- This month in math we are finishing up multiplication and division. In this unit we have also learned about factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers. Students show be able to solve multistep problems using all four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Our next unit, to end December, will be looking at and generating number patterns. We will start the new year with FRACTIONS.

Literacy- In reading, we are focusing on informational texts. We are studying the structure of how different texts are organized. One way authors organize a text is by using cause and effect. Students need to identify and understand that the cause is WHY something happens and the effect is WHAT happened. This will allow them to make connections in the text. We are also continuing to become better writer's about our reading. Students are expected to be able to write complete thoughts will details from the text.

Social Studies- This month we are finishing up our study of the early prehistoric indians and Native American's of Ohio. We are going to now learn about the influence, conflict and cooperations that occurred because of the European Settlers. This will lead us into discussion of the Revolutionary War and the impact it had on the United States. Our goal in learning history this year is to emphasize the history not only the United States but also Ohio's role and impact in history.

What to Know More About this Year's State Tests?

Each week, the district is releasing a "tip of the week." Here is their first video and tip to help you get to know more about what testing will look like this year as it is very different from past years. Clink on the link below to watch the short video.


I will try to keep you up-to-date on other tips that I think you, as parents, will find helpful.