Career Project

By: me

My Deam Job

If I could do anything for my career I would choose a soccer player because I already know how to play the sport. The only thing left is going to the professional league and raise up my skills on the game because the skills that I have are very low. However I have chosen a more realistic career: a bus driver.

My personality color

My True color is orange which means that I consider my life as a game, I also might value skills, resourcefulness and courage. I mainly need some type of exitement, am eager, am physical, and generous. This means that I have all the time with fun, freedom, and have new ways to explore new things. All of this is mostly true which actually makes me a full on orange.

Onet interest profiler results

  • realistic-10
  • investigative-0
  • artistic-5
  • social-8
  • enterprising-4
  • conventional-1
The ONET Interest profiler says that I am realistic. People with realistic interests like work that inculeds partical, hands-on problems and answers. Often people with realistic interest don't like careers that involve paperwork or working closly with others.

Expository essay

My personality is orange which means I am mostly spontaneous. This means that I am mostly on a rush, winging things, and do random things at random times everyday. Basically I am a very random person which make up his mind when ever he wants to.

The jobs that would be best for me is a bus driver, potters, athlete, or a sports compeditor. These jobs suit me by mainly being different everyday, some routine but different people.The fact that I get to see different people everyday means that I need to talk to them even though I am an introvert. It might be hard for me to talk without being shy. About half of my jobs are indoor and the rest is outdoor and one is traveling by some type of viecle.

All of these jobs match with my personality because all of my jobs are somewhat different in some way. This is how my personality matches with my job and make my job be great for me.

career choices

  1. Counter attendance, cafeteria, food concession and coffee shop
  2. Bus driver, transit and intercity
  3. Funeral attendants
  4. Athlete and sports compeditor
  5. Municipal firefighter
  6. Potters and manufacturing
  7. Coaches and scouts
  8. Fish and game wardens
  9. Adult basic
  10. Acupuncturists

top 3 choices

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the choosen career

I would choose a bus driver for my career because it would be a good job for me. The reason this job would be great for me is because it is easy driving and stopping in different places and kind of meeting new people. The bad part about this job is memorizing the route to stop to get different people. This also would be a good job from my personality because, I could talk to different types of races besides mine and possibly interact with most of the people that go to the bus.


The required education for a bus driver is a high school diploma or a certificate after high school.
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The school I want to go to from these three is El Centro College because, it is cheaper then the other two and it is closer to my cousin's house which I could stay in my cousin's house because they don't have dorms in the campus. This school is also great because they have the associates degree that is really useful for my job that I choose.

My monthly buget

  • Housing- $00
  • Utilities- $400
  • Food- $300
  • Transportation- $543
  • Clothes- $150
  • Health care- $235
  • Personal- $50
  • Entrertainment- $25
  • Misc- $200
  • Savings- $133
  • Student debt loan- $86


  • Monthly Expenses- $2,122


  • Annual Expenses- $25,463
  • Taxes (15% of annual expenses)- $3,819


  • Annual Salary Needed- $29,282


My annual salary is $37,470 in my bus driving career. This ammount is enough for my nessesary expenses, which are $29,282 for my annual expenses which I need. My budget is less than my salary so I will get enough to not be on debt. If $29,282 is my annual expenses, I get a little bit over 8 thousand dollars left to put in my savings or save up for something I would later want in life.