Mustang Tales

October 21, 2022 Vol. 3 Issue 49

Message from Ms. Masone

Dear Families:

We ended our short week with family conferences and a Book Fair filled with some of the best reads around. I spotted some new graphic novels I've been wanting to read. Thank you to Ms. Bradbury for bringing this event and families for supporting conferences and the Book Fair. It is such a joy to see so many families in our building again!

Friday, October 28th, MSES PAC is hosting Maniboo. This event is a huge undertaking and is such a special treat for our students and community. The event raises money to support Manitou Springs Elementary School in many ways. One way is supporting teachers through our mini-grants which fund additional supplies for classrooms, like violins for the music program and an additional field trip for first grade. Please join us at MANIBOO, October 28th at 4:30pm, MSES.

Our MSES Mustang Might hosts Fitness Fridays the last Friday of the month and generally include walking to school, all sorts of cool fitness opportunities outside to include a full-size Connect Four game and more. Friday, October 28th is the next Fitness Friday. Meet staff atnd families at Memorial Park to walk to school and then join the fun on the playground. Students are welcome to join our pancake breakfast. Parents can join for a cost of $3.00.

Halloween is on October 31st, and we have a Halloween parade at 2:00pm outside. Students are invited to dress up in their costume after lunch and show their outfits to their classmates and community at the parade.

Next Wednesday is a late start.

Have a lovely three day weekend. Thank you for choosing MSES and sharing your children with us!



Important Dates

  • Oct 26: Late Start, 2 Hour Delay
  • Oct 27: Larsen's + Goldman's Classes to Starsmore Discovery Center 8:30am - 2pm
  • Oct 28: Fitness Friday! 7:30am-8:00am
  • Oct 28: MANIBOO, Halloween Carnival, MSES, 4:30-7:30pm
  • Oct 31: Halloween Parade
  • Nov 11: Veterans Day Celebration
  • Nov 16: MSES Literacy Night
  • Nov 21-25: Fall Break - No School
  • Dec 2: K-2nd Grade Family Connection Movie Night @ MSES

Ask Your Experts!

First Grade

First graders are in the midst of our Different Lands, Similar Stories domain. See if your expert can answer the following questions: What are characters? (Characters are the people and talking animals in a story) What is the setting of a story? (When and where the story takes place) What is the plot? (The plot is what happens in a story, or the events and order in which they happen) See if your little one can tell you similarities and differences between the stories of Cinderella, The Girl with Red Slippers, and Billy Beg (all of the main characters lose a slipper/shoe, all feature royalty, all get married and live happily ever after, etc.)

Third Grade

Third graders will be learning about three human body systems next: skeletal, muscular and nervous. Students will put together and label the skeletal system. Ask your expert where their humerus and femur are! They will know the functions of the skeletal system as well (support, protect vital organs, produce red blood cells). Students will learn about the three kinds of joints: moveable, immovable and partially moveable. (Moveable joints are ball and socket or hinge joints, an immovable joint would be the skull, and ribs are partially moveable joints).Coming soon: Muscular and Nervous systems!!!

Fifth Grade

  • Ms. Delarm's Class: We are investigating how much fresh water is on Earth. Why does this matter? Why is water important
  • Ms. Kazmier's Class: In 1996 there was only one beaver colony in Yellowstone National Park, but by 2009 there were 12 colonies in the park. How do matter and energy move through an ecosystem?
  • Teacher Wood's Class: Two mystery substances are mixed in two different containers, both covered by a balloon. One mixture has no reaction, but the other causes the balloon to inflate. What is matter made of?

Ms. Kazmier's "Book a Day" Challenge!

Mrs. Kazmier's fifth grade class is tackling the challenge of "classroom book a day" this year! So far on every school day immediately after lunch, the class settles into a cozy corner of the room while Mrs Kazmier, a student, or a guest, reads a picture book. The picture books cover a variety of topics from first day jitters, to friendship, to inclusion, and beyond! Some are just downright funny picture books! Mrs. K's class has read over 30 picture books this year. The goal is to read over 150 by the last day of school.
Jillian Heise is the creator of #classroombookaday which promotes the goal of reading aloud a picture book every day of the school year to students of any age.

Below: Former student of Ms. Kazmier, Jaedyn Quigley, was our guest reader this week!

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Fort Building

As a reward for hard work and muSTANG behavior, Mrs. Larsen's 4th grade class built blanket forts and read under on Thursday. Can you spot all 25 kids in the classroom?!?!

PreSchool Happenings:

Counselor's Corner

Dear Mustang Families,

Did you know youth in Colorado get 6 free counseling sessions through the I Matter program? You can sign your child up at . It has been a very busy few weeks in the counseling and social emotional learning world. Check out what we’ve been doing:

In Kindergarten students learned about how together we can stand up to bullying and find strength in community through the story Pout-Pout Fish and the Bully-Bully Shark by Deborah Diesen. Ask you child which safe adult they would go to at school to report bullying!

In 1st grade students learned about the importance of being kind with our words and actions. We read the story Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. Students crumpled paper hearts everytime a character said something mean to Chrysanthemum and smoothed it out when they said something kind. We learned that no matter how hard we try we can’t take mean words back and they can leave wrinkles in people's hearts. Encourage your child to say something kind to someone today!

In 2nd grade students learned how to recognize, report, and refuse bullying at our school. We read Nobody Knew What to Do by Becky Ray McCain. Students were able to learn about being a bystander and how to talk to an adult if they witness bullying. Ask your child about the three R’s of bullying and what they would do to help someone being bullied. Check out this awesome student submitted poster from this lesson!

No lessons in 3rd grade this week! Check back next week!

In 4th and 5th grade this week's lesson furthered students’ understanding of their responsibilities as bystanders to bullying. Witnessing bullying can cause a variety of uncomfortable emotions for students. It’s important for them to pay attention to those emotions and see them as cues to take positive action. The lesson also builds motivation for positive bystander actions through reinforcing the message that ignoring bullying is harmful and the wrong thing to do and that intervening through the Three Rs of Bullying is the right thing to do. Have your child reflect on a time when they helped another student who needed support!

Original Works ART FUNdraiser!

Art students have been working hard during their time in art class to create beautiful pieces of art for our annual art fundraiser, Original Works. Next week, your child will be bringing home a packet that will include their artwork and ordering supplies. Some students chose to create an additional Original Works project at home in addition to the self-portrait they created in class, which means they will have a separate order form packet for each submission. If you are interested in ordering any products, please return your completed order form, artwork, and payment to MSES no later than Friday, October 28th. Products will arrive the week of Dec. 5th. Thank you as always for supporting the art program at our school. With last year’s profit, we were able to buy extra special art supplies like plaster, glazes, paint pens, and acrylic paint. Please contact Carrie Dunlap at if you have any questions.
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Tech Tips

Here are some common sense rules for when you’re online:

Don’t talk to strangers. Don't communicate with strangers online and never agree to meet in person. Tell a parent, teacher, or an adult you trust if a stranger contacts you in a chat room, through email, or via text messaging.

Look both ways before crossing the street. Don't enter contests, join clubs, or share your personal information for any reason, unless your parents say it's OK. Your name, address, age, phone number, birthday, email address, where you go to school, and other facts about you are personal and shouldn’t be shared without checking first.

If the offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is. How many of you have ever received an email offering something free, like a cell phone or a video game? These are tricks designed to get you to give up personal information or click on links to automatically install malware or spyware

Box Top Digital Earnings:

Thank you to our parents who are scanning their grocery receipts into the Box Tops app - you've already earned $96.60 for our school so far this year! Box Top funds are used to support your students by helping with classroom supply purchases, classroom celebrations, games and outdoor activities, and more. Download the app today and start scanning your grocery receipts to help us keep learning fun at MSES!

MANIBOO- October 28, Cash or credit welcome!

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