Biostatistics, its in your Genes

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Do you enjoy studying the environment? Researching the agricultural landscape of an area? What about analyzing the biological aspect of a given place? If so then Biostatistics might be for you! Biostatisticians do a wide range of jobs from studying factors affecting heart and lung disease, testing new drugs to combat AIDS, working with various cancer studies, transplanting organs and bone marrow, and studying inner ear infections to working on healthcare-related topics in the public or private sector. Responsibilities of a biostatistician include collecting and examining data to determine relevant conclusions to critical medical questions you will be faced with. You will be responsible for being able to do office work as well as field work.


Biostatisticians typically tend to have a master's or doctorate degree in biostatistics or another related field such as biology or mathematics. However a bachelor's degree is sufficient unless you want to move on to more advanced work in which case a Master of Science (M.S.) or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in biostatistics, mathematics or statistics would be required.


Applicants will be given the opportunity to work in both an office setting as well as working out in the field. The usual annual salary ranges between $61,996 to $81,330 a year. Salary will be determined based on skill level and years of experience.


If you are interested in this exciting job opportunity please contact Ashley Mandich.

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