How do we stop and end bullying?


We need to come together and end Bullying,

Do you know what bullying is? It's when someone has an emotional life or is going though a tough time with their life, family, or friends.(for example, having problem making friends) and instead of keeping it to their selves, they blame it on others that are Innocent.

What age are you bullyed at ?

You can any age from a small little boy\girl to a teenager, or to any other age.

Most people think that you only get bullied when you are children but that is not true. You can be 15 years old and still get bullied by someone older or even younger than you.*If you are reading this and you are being bullied the best thing to do is tell someone you trust even if you are scared, I know what you are going though,please listen to me for your own good. For example, a teacher or most important, your mom, dad, or guardian.*If you need any more help please call 1-800-668-6868. These people are on the phone 24 hours every day so we can help children, and teens. We are glad to help you with your problems. Please call if you are getting bullied.
Artists Against Bullying - True Colors (Lyrics)

A Girl that Decided to Take Her Life Forever

This girl is Amanda Todd and she was bullied to her death. She many so many heart breaking decision and I Hope Amanda rests in peace. She was a beautiful, young lady who NEVER deserved being bullied and neither does anyone else no matter what gender they are or how they were born. Please take a look at this video and write a nice about here or to her in Heaven. Or, like the video would be very nice of you. That is why WE NEED TO STOP BULLYING because I and lots of others do not want others to commit suicide because it is a serious matter.
Rest in Peace Amanda Todd.
And others who had commit suicide.

My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm