Warren Middle School Electives

The extra activities and clubs


Band in Warren Middle School is probably the most expensive class. Because the class is filled with many various instruments, they are unable to provide each kid with their own to play. You may need to go out and rent your instrument and buy the supplies along with it.

After you obtain your supplies you need to pay the 50$ fee. It's all worth it when you get to go to concerts. Playing is a joy and you might even meet new people!


Art is a great elective if you like to be creative and draw. You can release your great-minded imagination. The projects are awesome; nevertheless there are boring parts of art. When you want to color and draw, but the teacher needs you to follow the steps. Art is about being independent and being creative. The classes are big enough that you will probably have friends in your class. Learning about all the different artist and try new styles.

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When you're in robotics you get to learn many things about technology and the tools you are working with. This year you might be working with the following: computers, programming, robots, and other really cool activity that are awesome if you're into science.

Chess Club

Chess club is an extra-curricular activity where you and a your team need to go to UIL. Because a normal game of chess can take hours it's a special setup where you can move to checkmate the king in one move. It is a little like a test except you need to complete your test the fastest with little mistakes.

Technical Theater

You will love technical theater if you're into set building and lighting. The first year is introduction to tech theater where you learn the basics and act the first couple of weeks. After the first few weeks, you get to start set building for musical theater. First day you get to learn everybody's names and play games.

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