Purple Bear Newsletter

Classroom news from Ms. Tiffany

Anchor book for the week:

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See is a whimsical story that inspires children to identify colors. A happy green frog, a plump purple cat and bubbly goldfish are just some of the fun animals you will experience in this bold colorful book written by Eric Carle.

What's happening this week???

This week we will...

  • Continue learning classroom procedures and practicing transitions.
  • Identify colors.
  • Sort colorful pom poms in the sensory center.
  • Retell a story using sequencing.

Explore and discover something new with your child every day!

We will be working hard on color identification at school this week. Here is a fun activity you can do at home to help your child with their color identification skills. Color Circle Jumping. Using sidewalk chalk draw circles on the sidewalk or driveway. Choose a color and jump only to that color. Expand the activity by counting how many circles you jumped in. How Fun!!!

Shoes Matter

Even if your child loves the latest sandals, ballet flats or fancy shoes with a heel, or the fun rubber crocks, not all shoes are appropriate for the activities your child does at school and the wrong choice could result in an injury.

The safest shoe for your child to wear to school is a sturdy pair of tennis shoes that have good traction and don't have long laces.

Also keep in mind, if your child's shoes don't fit properly, he/she could get tripped up and fall down. Shoes that are too tight can restrict movement and shoes that are too big can get in the way when your child walks.

Backpack Snacks

We are pleased to offer a program for your preschooler sponsored by Coldwater and Great Beginnings. We realize that the cost of food can create a hardship for many families. This programs offers a small relief in the form of a bag of kid-friendly food sent home with students once per week during the school year. The bags generally contain one or two pieces of fresh fruit, individual serving size of macaroni and cheese, canned pasta, canned fruit, granola bar, cereal, juice/milk, etc.

This program is available to all Great Beginning students.

Please notify the School Social Workers/Education Therapists if you would like your child to receive the bags.

Mary Beth Panek, LCSW


Student last names A-M

Tiffany Nay, LCSW


Student last name N-Z

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 3rd : Labor Day (No School)

Wednesday, September 12th : Home Visits (No School)

Thursday, September 13th : Home Visits (No School)