Walk Two Moons

By Sharon Creech


Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech is about a young girl named Salamanca Hiddle. Salamanca faces many troubles such as suddenly being "plucked like a weed" and taken away from the only life that she has ever known in Bybanks, Kentucky and suddenly moved to Euclid, Ohio. Salamanca embarks on a road trip with her grandparents to see her mother who is resting peacefully in Lewiston, Idaho. During this adventure Phoebe tells her grandparents about her friends, life, experiences, and some peculiar people that she encountered along the way in Euclid.

Thesis Sentence: Judgements

Characters in Walk Two Moons , by Sharon Creech, misjudge people because they fail to "walk two moons in their moccasins "; these misjudgments are later proven wrong .


Mrs. Cadaver is severely judged throughout the novel. Phoebe is expressing her feelings about Mrs. Cadaver and how she is very wary of her. " And speaking of odd, there's something very odd about that Mrs. Cadaver." (pg.22) Phoebe begins judging Mrs. Cadaver not only by her physical appearance but also her actions, after she meets her mother Mrs. Partridge. Phoebes suspicions about Mrs. Cadaver escalate severely. "Do you know what I think? I think that maybe she killed Mr. Cadaver and chopped him up and buried him in the backyard." (pg.32) This passage describes Phoebes suspicions about Mrs. Cadaver and her wild predictions about what happened to Mr. Cadaver. Salamanca and Phoebe discover the truth about Mrs. Cadaver and why she occasionally acted strange around Salamanca. " With the courage of the spit in me, I went to see Margaret Cadaver, and we had a long talk and that's when I found out how she met my father. It was painful to talk with her, and I even cried in front of her, but afterward I understood why my father liked to be with her." (pg.254) This passage describes when Salamanca is finally learning the truth about Mrs. Cadaver and how she knew her father. Phoebe and Salamanca learn the truth about what really happened to Mr. Cadaver. "Her husband died when a drunk driver rammed into his car. My mother- Mrs. Partridge-was also in the car with Mr. Cadaver. She didn't die, as you know but she lost her sight." (pg.218-219) (The truth about Mr. Cadaver is also explained on pg.219) " I just wanted you to know, " Mr. Birkway said," " That Mr. Cadaver is not buried in her backyard. Phoebe and Salamanca have finally learned the accurate and shocking truth about Mr. Cadaver. (pg.219)

Mike Bickle

At first Mike Bickle is being judged and is believed to be a "lunatic". " "After Phoebe admitted yes, it was the Winterbottom residence she said," "Excuse me a moment please," and she closed the door, "Sal do you detect any signs of lunacy? There doesn't appear to be any place he could be hiding a gun. His jeans are really tight . Maybe he has a knife tucked into his socks." (pg.64) Mike Bickle is being judged as a potential lunatic who is very mysterious and possibly dangerous. Phoebe and Salamanca have another encounter with the "lunatic". "It was Phoebes lunatic, coming towards us staring right at us. He stopped directly in front of us, blocking our way. " Phoebe WInterbottom right?" he said to Phoebe. Her voice was a little squeak. The only sound that came out was a tiny "Erp-" "What's the matter?" he said. He slid one hand into his pocket. Phoebe pushed him, yanked my arm and started running. "Oh-my-god!" (pg.118) Phoebe and Salamanca are terrified after they have another encounter with the lunatic and they are judging him and assuming, that he is very dangerous when they do not actually know him. The truth about the "lunatic" or Mike Bickle is finally uncovered. "Mrs.Winterbottom said, " Mike is my son." Mike is finally revealed to be Mrs. Winterbottoms son and everyone is shocked.


"Even though she had a pleasant, round face, and long yellow curly hair, the main impression I got that she was used to being plain and ordinary, that she was not supposed to do anything too shocking." (pg.30-31) This passage describes when Salamanca is judging Mrs. Winterbottom and thinking that she is very prim and proper and innocent when she doesn't know very much about her."On the bench was phoebe's mother, and she was kissing the lunatic. (pg.235) Phoebe and Salamanca are at the university searching for the lunatic or Mike Bickle. Phoebe and Sal judge Mrs.Winterbottom because they think that the lunatic may be her boyfriend." She was wearing lipstick, mascara, and a little blush on her cheeks, and her clothes were altogether unlike anything I had ever seen her in: a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and flat black shoes. Phoebe is shocked when she sees how much Mrs. WInterbottom has changed since she has been gone. She is no longer plain but she is actually very "hip" and stylish. "Mrs. Winterbottom said, "Mike is my son". Phoebe and Salamanca learn that they have misjudged Mrs. Winterbottom and that Mike is actually her son instead of her boyfriend.


During the course of the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, Mrs. Cadaver, Mike Bickle, and Mrs. Winterbottom are misjudged by other characters in the novel, some more than others. Some characters fail to put themselves into others situations and make assumptions of what it may be like. But when the truth is unveiled, it gives the characters in the book the opportunity to look at things differently and always " walk two moons in someone's moccasins", before they judge them.