Faiths Life Project!

By:Faith Broumley

My Job!

I chose to be a lawyer! I chose to be a lawyer because well... it just interests me! And if your a lawyer it means having a certan mind set to "defend your client" and stuff. this job does include doing some math, like for example some lawyers are in the business industry and have to handle money. And because they are in the business industry they deal with money, and so do normal lawyers.. hm... So as i was saying they have to deal with money and whenever there's money around there is math involved.

Where I Live

I live in Missouri City Texas. I chose to live here because its warm all the time, and its a popular place for lawyers to live. As you can see to the there is a picture to the right of my house witch i love! It was $132,500 witch is less than my max limit fro my house budget witch is $160,396. My my mortgage per-month for my house is $400.

My Car

I own a blue Chrysler. as you can see to the right. it cost me $17,768. My first payment is $300. And its in mint condition in my opinion. I mean i am 11...

Income And Life Status

My annual income is 78,242. My monthly income is 6,520. And my weekly income is 1,630.

I am also a Single adult female with zero kids. Because i have no kids my groceries, gas, cable, phone etc is lower than other students.


I chose to vacation in Nassau Bahamas in the Caribbean. As you can see it is very nice and pretty cheap to fly to, if i were to hotel would be the most expensive thing out of this entire trip and that comparing it to my hotel. The name of my hotel is the

Budget For Vacation

My budget for this vacation is $142,396. I only used $11,447. i will break down all that for you. My plane ticket cost $467 and i am single with 0 kinds so its just the $467. The hotel is $650 a day, but because i am staying there for 14 days (2 weeks) it will cost 9,100. My food just breakfast, lunch and dinner cost $230. But calculating in the extra stuff like snacks, drinks, and spending money. i added about 1000 for that with after a lot of math added up to well.. $11,447!

The End Of This Boring Presantation

I have learned many things throughout this project, like how life isn't all rainbows and gumdrop's. I learned how much money certain thing cost and how to see your budget just using your annual. I also learned when i go to college to do whatever i will do (hopefully a lawyer) i can see how much i will make witch will help me a lot.