The Road To Perseverance

By: Jack Horan

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance in my opinion is when someone or something continues to fight through hardship or adversity and to never give up. There are so many amazing examples of somethings that have persevered through some of the adversities in their life and have triumph. Winston Churchill showed a great example of it by never giving up. In his speech, he showed this by stating,"Never, Never, Ever Give In."

Winston Churchill description

Winston Churchill has been one of the most inspiring people in the world ever. Winston Churchill was born in 1874, and that is where his career started. His parents were mostly busy during his childhood so he spent most of his time with his nanny. He was later sent to a boarding school where he started studying military tactics. He was accepted to a Military type school and graduated near the top of his class.

After Churchill graduated, he was given his first time out of the country with the military as being a war corespondent. His writing career began as he wrote for lots of journals for newscasts. Later on, he was being a war correspondant during the Boer War. He was shot and captured during doing that. He was able to escape and get away. He did write about this experience.

When Churchill came home, he was a war hero and a famous artist, so he ran for a part of the Parliament. He successfully did this and he became a politician. During this part of his political career, he switched parties, roles in the Parliament, and at the end of it all, he was the First Lord of Admiralty (in charge of British Army). When World War 1 came, he was still in this position. In the war, things went badly for the British and Churchill was the most blamed person for it and he was moved out of the government, which was one of the big pieces of adversity for him. He went into depression and when he was in this, he learned how to paint which he did for the rest of his life.

The next years for him was up and down as he went in and out of government. After everything that had happened, he had become First Lord of Admiralty again. When Word War II had started, the Prime Minister had dropped out of position and the King asked Churchill to become Minister, and he did. He lead the British in World War II and helped save Britain.

Again, after the War, was taken out of the Minister job, and once again, kept going in and out in government. He even became Prime Minister for a second time in that time period. Later on, in the last straw of his life, he decided to retire, but he continued to write and paint. He got lots of awards for his perseverance and for speaking eloquently. He died at the age of 90, and at 89 he was still part of the Parliament.

Winston Churchill

This is one of the most famous pictures of Churchill.
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Tom Monaghan Sequence

Tom Monaghan is more famous than you think, and it took him some big perseverance to get him there.

Tom Monaghan did not have a good childhood with detention homes and orphanage. He decided to borrow $900 for his brother and him to open a pizza parlor at their college campus. The business was doing fine, but when school was out, first his sales dropped 75%. After that, Tom worked for hours on end in the summer. What happened next to Tom was devastating. His brother jim sold half his business for a volkswagen. Tom stated," It was a step back," and it ended up being a big piece of his adversity. Tom kept believing in himself telling himself that he can do it, and being optimistic. Tom was able to get a new partner after that. He gave him $500 for a buy-in. Tom worked almost every hour of the week, yet his new partner after that went on a spending spree for his own life. Later on, with his partner landing in the hospital after an incident. Toms lawyer told him to just declare bankruptcy and start over, but Tom said no. His partnership was dissolved, and gave his partner his share for being his partner. Tom moved on and tried to accomplish being one of the well known pizza parlors in the area. His business slowly grew. Next, After that, his ex-partner declared bankruptcy. After that, Tom still didn't stop, and he was more determined than ever to get this business on the road. After earning lots of profit, a fire hit a anchor store which caused lots of damage, which put him in debt. Next, he got a local businessman as his partner to help and try to turn around his business, but again he lost control of his business. His partner left him, but gave him some money to but him back in control. After that, he slowly built back up his business, made lots of profit, and made his pizza parlor, Dominos, one of the most well known throughout the world. Through all the adversity he faced, he finally had triumph, through all the things that had happened in his life.

Tom Monaghan

This is Tom Monaghan with a famous saying from him
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Problem/Solution- 415 Strong

It may seem easy, but its harder than you think to have a group of strangers come together, and become one.

There was one day in almost everybody's life in Boston was changed. There was an explosion at the Finish line of the Boston Marathon. Runners and mainly spectators were injured from this. This was a big piece of adversity for them. They had to go through a big recovery process to get where they are today. After some training and a lot of recovering, people made a group called 415 strong. People who were injured from this incident and big problem that changed their life, came together, and talked out their problems and got help. Later, the group started training, as they were going to 'take the marathon back,' as they were going to run in the Boston Marathon the next year, even though some of them weren't runners.

They all managed to accomplish their goal through only a year, and cross that Finish Line, that they had been waiting and waiting to do, they finally had triumph. With their problem, getting exploded out of nowhere, losing parts of their bodies, they found a solution by joining 415 Strong and persevering from their adversity, and they had to be combative to do this, because if they were complacent, they would have never accomplished what they have, even with injuries, and even knowing that some people who have a great body can't complete that race. They had to persevere, and they were one of the best at showing a amazing example of it.

415 Strong picture

This is a picture of 415 Strong walking together at the ending stretch of the race.
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Paul Smith-Cause and Effect

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Venn Diagram

This is a compare and contrast Venn Diagram. It is comparing the adversities and triumphs of 'Losing to Win' team and Jackie Robinson.
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What can we learn from the Perseverance of others in order to overcom adversity in today's world?

This article has shown great examples of people who have persevered through adversity and had triumph. We can learn from these people that you can't think that you cannot achieve you goal, you have to believe in yourself in order to have a chance of achieving your dream. Also, we can learn that you do not have to have triumph in order to persevere because the team in 'Losing to Win' has not won a game in a couple of years. They still persevered because they kept fighting through the hardship and adversity. All in all, this article shows some of the greatest examples you will ever see of perseverance, and you have no clue how much you can learn from these.