Sacred Heart Cathedral School

"Educating Minds and Hearts for God"

Quality Catholic Education Since 1906

With a strong emphasis on the limitless possiblilites technology offers, Sacred Heart Cathedral School prides itself on being the first school in Escambia County, Florida, to offer personal Macbook laptop computers to its seventh and eighth grade students. Technology is just one of our strong points in what we consider to be a comprehensive, and academically desirable, challenging, and well-rounded education. Not cutting educational corners, our curriculum also includes Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer and Library. For over 105 years Sacred Heart Cathedral School has maintained superior educational and Catholic standards. Our dedicated faculty, staff, students, and parents all work together to make an empowering Catholic education not just a dream, but a reality.

The Morning Star Program

Recognizing the diverse needs of students in our community, the Morning Star Program opened in 1991 on the campus of Sacred Heart Cathedral School. Morning Star provides comprehensive, personalized programs for students with special educational needs in a loving, Catholic-centered environment. Considered home to students of various educational strengths and needs, Sacred Heart Cathedral School and the Morning Star Program provide a warm and engaging, safe, family style environment where all children thrive.