Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's Room 8 Class

Gardening this week with Elaine Lewis

Today we had a gardening rotation, lead by Elaine Lewis and supported by our parent volunteer Beverly Dennis. We participated in 3 rotations:

1. Soil search: Where the children found samples of different coloured soil and discussed its properties

2. Bug hunt: The students collected and tallied the bugs found in their habitats.

3. Planting native plants in the bush tucker garden and around the veggie patch.

Athletics Carnival Changes

The date of the Faction Athletics Carnival date was changed please place in your diaries the original date of Friday 13 September. We hope to see you all there cheering for your child and their faction.

Please remember

· Space can be tight around the finish line and to give our judges the best chance to make a decision, can all spectators remain behind the barriers

· Congratulate your child on effort, not placing’s

· Have fun and enjoy the day

Jumps & Throws

The following are the times for if you wish to watch students compete.

For the Years 1-3’s, it will not take the whole 2 hours, however, to allow for delays this block of time has been allocated. Weather permitting it will start on time and most likely finish early

  • Years 1 jumps and throws for placing’s & points, will be completed from 11:55am-12:55pm on Wednesday 28 August. Back up day being Wednesday 4 September.

Championship Events

These are the events that contribute towards being Champion Boy/Girl and Runner Up Champion Boy/Girl for each age group.

Year 1, 2 & 3 Division A 50m, Long Jump, T-ball Throw (Yr 1/2),

Javelin Throw (Yr 3)

This information and the corresponding dates are available on the school website... or

Parent Letter Format

Each Wednesday morning the students will be writing a letter for you about our weeks learning and experiences in their communication books. Please reply to this letter on the following page modelling the same format:

Dear _______
Response to your child's question.
1-2 sentences about their learning.
1 question for your child to answer.
Love from

The writing needs to be simple and neat (big sitting on the solid line) to allow students to read it independently and model good writing practices.

It is the students responsibility to bring these back on the Thursday to read the following communication book time. Thank you so much for the support reading and writing the letters. Your letters are so motivating for the students giving them a real audience and purpose to their writing.

Book Week Activities

Tuesday 20th (all day) -
  • Students will come in and complete student wish-lists in the library. Wish-lists will be given out when each class arrives at the library.
  • 8.20 - 3.30 - Books on sale to staff and parents.

Wed & Thurs –

· Books on sale to students before school, recess, lunch-time and after school but staff and parents may come through at ANY time during the day.

Thursday 22nd -

· (8.45am) Assembly & Dress up Parade - I will write down the names of the students who have dressed up, and bring these to assembly. These names will be collected and placed in a box for 'random winners' to be called out. Assembly also includes presentation of the prizes to the art competition winners (from each class). NOTE: People's Choice Award winner will be sorted Thursday p.m. and announced at the assembly on 30th Aug.

· After the parade, we will then be having our Community Story-time (approx. 9.45). When this winds up (about 10.30 am) children can break for recess and parents/special visitors can purchase books and have refreshments in the staff room until 10.55.

For Book week please ensure:
Your child's name and costume is written on the classroom door.
If your child would like to they can complete the Book week art competition, creating a piece of art relating to books, and hand this to me early next week.

Volunteers are needed in the library, there is a poster on my door explaining some of the jobs you can volunteer for. Please contact Natalie, our wonderful librarian, to write your name down if you are available.