Pumpkins for Shasta

Community donates pumpkins for 'pumpkin patch'

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Bringing the pumpkin patch to school

Oct. 21, 2020

In past years, kindergarteners at Shasta Elementary School visited a local pumpkin patch in October. This year, with COVID-19, that wasn’t possible.

But thanks to pumpkin donations from the Shasta Booster Club, Albertson’s, and Holiday Market, kindergarteners were still able to hunt for a future jack-o'-lantern.

“We decided to bring the pumpkin patch to Shasta,” said Principal Randy Rose as he looked around the front lawn. The traditional Halloween globes were hidden – tucked under benches, in flowerbeds, and even in a crook of a tree.

Rose, after spinning a story about his phone call to The Great Pumpkin, unleashed the kindergarteners to find and collect the small, orange gourds. Students then picked their favorite to take home with them.

In all, 130 pumpkins were donated to the school. Of those, 80 were for the school’s two cohorts of kindergarteners and the rest were for students in special programs.