Sammy Davis Jr.

The life of an actor

Introduction/His life

Sammy Davis was born on December 8 1925, and he died on May 16 1990. Both parents were acting with his business and that was back when he was a little kid. He later began acting with his father in a trio.

Sammy had broken the racial barrier for marring a white woman, They had a daughter and adopted 2 sons.

When he got a lot older he began to sing,preform,act and tap dance. He almost died in a car accident and broke his face. He lost his left eye in an car wreck in 1954. Depressed from the loss, he thought his career was over,that he could either fade away or overcome the loss and go on to greatness. Weeks later at Sammy's first public appearance he made his own albums and many people copied him by wearing eye patches.

Life./Why he become a singer.

6 Years later.. He had married another woman. He tried to desegregated blacks and whites when he was there with Martin Luther king.

Sammy was the greatest entertainer in the world when he acted sing and tap danced,

He has served in the world war 2 with the soldiers when the war was going on in the soldiers unit.

Why did he sing?. The reason why he wanted to sing is because he wanted to get rid of pregitives,In the 1950's he went solo and published 2 albums they went to Los Vegas and new York


He was huge on bright,He was premiered on the golden show and the Mr. Wonderful and he got huge hits on the show

Again he had 3 kids in a 8 year marriage 1 daughter,2 sons got adopted.

He got showed in porgy and Bess.

He became a superstar