Sept. 18th, 2017 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

All Means All!

A Message from the Instructional Specialists

A Minute with the LASes

Setting Instructional and Language the Goals!

We know the importance of having a goal to be successful. The Content Objectives (COs) and Language Objectives (LOs) will allow us to keep the focus of the lesson, distinguish the learning goal from the activities, differentiate between what is actually content vs. what is truly language, and to ensure there is a linguistic goal in every lesson. To write meaningful and relevant COs/LOs that interconnect the different levels of rigor and the four domains of language, as well as using them in an interactive way during the lesson, is a need to support the academic and language development of our ponies.

Thank you Ms. Boston, Ms. Wier and Ms. McIntosh for sharing some tips that will help making the objectives purposeful and clearer, especially if you have newcomers in your classroom!

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LVES Behavior Essentials and No Excuses Essentials Schoolwide Behavior Plan 2017-2018

Click here to see the full LVES Behavior Essentials and No Excuses Essentials Schoolwide Behavior Plan 2017-2018.

**CPI Procedures

When to Call:

Call only when the incident involves "harm to self or others," or the incident involves a "flight risk" (exit the building). The CPI call should always include the specific location.


  • CPI at Music
  • CPI at Sammon
  • CPI runner by Art room

Who should respond:

  • Only CPI certified teachers & their partners will step outside of their classroom (if it’s in their area).

  • Those teachers who are CPI trained (and located in that particular area), will come to the location to assist.

  • A Non-CPI trained teacher should be partnered with a CPI team member and have a plan in place for CPI calls.

  • If the CPI trained teacher is out assisting, the prearranged partner will stand in the hallway to monitor both classes.

2017-18 LVES After-School Clubs

Do you have an idea of a fun club that our students might enjoy? Are you willing to lead that club? If so, please complete the form below. Some examples of clubs that we've had in the past are: Running Club, Stamp Craft, Dance Club, & Flag Football & Soccer.

Please submit your name, idea, and the details listed below by Monday, October 2nd.

Click here

2017-18 PTA and School Evening Events

As part of Powerful Symbolism, it is important that our students and community see us during the PTA and after school events. Click here to see the different events that are scheduled at this point. Collaborate with your teams and decide who will be representing your grade level, department on each event.

Oct. 12th - PTA Night is the
PTA Membership Drive Trunk-or-Treat. I want to highly encourage everyone to come and participate on this night.

What is Happening at our school for the next week?

Click here to see the school google calendar. (Thank you Ms. Kitchen for working so hard on this calendar.)


  • LPAC 8:30 to 9:30
  • Inst. Tech LF
  • Science & Math ACT
  • College/U Shirt Day


  • PLC in DataHub


  • All Level Team Meetings

  • Employee Vaccination Clinic (Flu Shots) 10am-12pm

  • Sci, Math, ITF, & LA ACT

  • Dress for Success Day

  • BLT Meeting



  • 3rd grade **PTA Program** & College Night 6-7:30pm

  • McDonald’s Night


  • LVES Spirit Day

Happy September Birthday's!

  • Rosana Lopez --- September 9th
  • Jennifer McKnight --- September 9th
  • Stephanie Sanchez --- September 13th
  • Veronica Oporto --- September 15th
  • Lety Amador --- September 17th
  • Gaby Morales --- September 23

Staff Shout Outs

  • Shout Outs to Victoria Hamilton , Devin Esch, Shawna Rigsby
  • Mr. Colon for helping me figure out what was wrong with my car and offering me a ride home.
  • Mrs. Kitchen for sticking around after school to help me with car trouble and for raising an awesome son who was willing to purchase and replace my car battery if needed.
  • Samia-thank you for showing my kiddos all about istation!
  • Shout Out to Mrs. Jurca, Mr. Colon, Ms. Rommel, Ms. Johnson 5th Gr, Mrs. Garcia 5th Gr, Mrs. Boston, Mrs. Sayers, Mrs. A. Hernandez, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Shields
  • Shout Outs to Mrs. McIntosh, Dana McGraw
  • Taylore Rimling for creating the 2nd grade Parent University PowerPoint!
  • Ms. Norton for presenting a wonderful lesson!
  • Mr. Casey for getting my projector fixed before Parent University!
  • Rosana Lopez for helping me during our first week back! :) Love ya girl! -Lynda Shield
  • Mrs. Lopez- for helping me adjust to 3rd grade and for being a great partner!
  • Ms. Satterla- Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to set up the extra computer lab for iStation assessments!
  • Mrs. McGraw thank you for always having by back!!
  • Laura Norton for being such a wonderful new addition to the counseling team and jumping in feet first to help serve our students and families!
  • Mrs. Simpson & Mrs. Valdes - Thank you for answering my 1001 questions a day with patience, guidance and love. You are the best!
  • Mrs. Shield - Thank you for creating the school chant and handing it out to your hallway.
  • Mrs. Rigsby- Even with shoulder pain & our special friends - you manage your class with love, respect and high standards. You would not even think you were in shoulder pain.
  • Mrs. Lawson - Thank you for helping me digest the overflow of information and for helping me figure out textbooks & ipads. You are always there and I really appreciate it.
  • Shout Outs to Wanda Echevarria, Shuntel Green
  • Kim Kilam - thank you for the sweetest text you sent your entire team!
  • SINNOTT - Observant of helping others in need SPEER - taking time to make parent phone calls to translate VARONA - keeping things real with laughter and smiles YVETTE BERNAL - willingness to share her ideas SATTERLA - keeping iStation scheduling organized and efficient
  • Mr. Reed-Thank you for always being supportive!
  • Shout Outs to Yolanda Vando, Carol Holguin, Debra Stolinksy, Beatriz Guerrero
  • Thank you Mrs. Speer for always contributing and helping our team.
  • Mrs. Sinnott for keeping our team informed and for her sweet personality.
  • Mrs. Simpson for setting such a positive tone for our students with her words of encouragement as they walk to class in the morning.

Click here to submit your shout Out.