Day Without Technology

By Keenan Moten

First Thoughts

I know I can handle this. This is gonna be a piece of cake. One day can't be that bad.
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It's Bo Time!!!

I chose to do my day without technology over the weekend. In a way it wasn't that bad because I spent most of my weekend at Bojangles making biscuits.... or at least it felt that way.

Quality time with the bae

I always spend some time with my guitar, but she doesn't always get my undivided attention because a lot of times I try to multi-task and watch a tv show or youtube videos while I'm practicing which isn't a very good tactic. Without the technology there to distract me I had a very productive practice session.

A Long Time Coming

Since I didn't have any technology to keep distract me from doing my work why not get some done. I'm a big time procrastinator and having any video and facebook to help past the doesn't help the matter at all.

Reading Rainbow

I don't read for fun as much as I used to, but I had the chance to pick up some books that I used to read when I was younger. The Bluford Series were some of my favorite books when I was a young lad and it felt pretty good to go back and reread some of the ones that I read.


I don't know how long it has been since I've taken the time to look at the stars, but I told my friends about my assignment and suggested we go look at the stars on the parkway. So, we went to the parkway around midnight and stayed for about an hour.

Soaking up the Sun

I like the Sun but I don't like too much heat, but I decided to go outside and enjoy the good weather we've been having before it goes away. I also brought my guitar and some of my friends had a jam session.

Like Mike

I want you to take a minute to imagine me dunking.... because that's the only place you'll ever see me dunking, but I love to play basketball and pretend I can ( you have to dream big ). It sucks that I don't have that much time to go play, but since I cut out some wasted time I was able to play a few games.

Chilling with the gang

Me and my friends always chill together but at some point we always end up playing FIFA ( a video game that can end friendships ) or Call of Duty, but instead we all went to the music building and made made music.

Laundry Time

One thing everyone finds time to do when they have nothing else to do. The hard part for me is finding enough quarters and an open washer/dryer when I finally decide to do it. It feels like as soon as I really need to do my laundry everyone else does too.

Not so Easy

I love music with all of my heart and soul and for me to walk around campus without listening to some type of music might have damaged my spirit just little bit. I tried to sing to myself but... That didn't work out so well since I can't sing. I also had a hard time not being able to watch any Law and Order: SVU.

My biggest issue

The biggest problem I have with technology is that a lot of the time I try to multi-task and it never completely works out. I get stuff done, but it takes a lot longer than it should. Even though I know this when I do try to multi-task it feels like I'm being productive.